Our Readers Privacy is Our Top Priority

FinanceClap always works on the part where they can prevent anyone from getting access to your information which we have during the users who use the website. We a strict privacy policy which will describe you the details and how we manage our user’s information and other information related sources, texts, comments to any source of information to one point.

FinanceClap privacy policy applies to any user, writer, author, and even advertiser, our policy also applies to information, pages and post we include on our blog.

Electronic Communications & Emails

FinanceClap is a community-based blog, the category of the FinanceClap is based on finance. Since our blog is based on community, we collect information of our readers who want to receive a newsletter when we have content that matters to our readers. We do collect them under the rules of the privacy policy.

Th email listing is common among the informational based blogs, and we do provide the users all rights to unsubscribe to the newsletter when they feel they no longer needed to receive the newsletter. Users have the right to unsubscribe by option we provide bottom of the ever newsletter we send to you.

The information, we collect from you is not shared with any third-party at any cost and also we protect your details even in the comment section. We have a strict policy of not sharing any user information to any other parties. We respect the readers and their information, so we protect the information readers provide when in use of the blog.

As many have reported that the blogs usually spam their inbox, we fight against spam and irritating daily newsletters. We think of our readers highly, and we only send the important ones to your when we have the best content which can help readers with their financial life.

Traffic and RSS Data

Almost 80% of top sites on WWW (World wide web) collect data of the readers, users and customers to understand and make their service better. We do use authorized and safe Google Analytics to track your data. We use that data to make our services better for the readers. We try to put the best effort and make the content for the readers.

Focusing more on readers needs has always been our primary target, and we use your like, comments, shares to make our content better and more engaging.

Our world is evolving every moment, so we are. We highly appreciate if you directly contact us for suggestions and improvements.

Cookies, Web Beacons, and Log Files.

Cookies: Have you ever heard of cookies in your PC & Smartphone browser? Cookies are something almost every website is based on because cookies are used to load the website faster. If you are a loyal reader of FinanceClap, you need your cookies to be on. When you visit the FinanceClap, the site loads faster than before. Currently, over 60% websites are based on cookies, Example: Youtube, Google, and Facebook.

How Cookies Work?: You don’t have to be a genius to understand how it work’s, first you need to know that what cookies are? Cookies are data like Pictures, Images, Codes which can ben used again and again for a site, when the cookies are stored the saved files will load when you visit the site one more time. Cookies can be saved in the browser.

We save data like browser type, OS (operating system), IP address, mobile device and smartphone name, date and time, ISP (Internet service provider.), the number of pages one has visited, the number of views a post or page have received, and the number of comments.

We save information that helps us understand you on the professional basis; we strive to learn what you like, what is more, important to you, which content helped you the most and so on. We utilize that information to make your FinanceClap experience better.

  • Browser Type: Have you noticed that FinanceClap loads faster on Chrome, Safari, Opera and Mozilla, Did you know why? Because we have the data on the which browser, you use.
  • OS: Wondering why we need to know your OS? In India, Many of our readers are using Windows XP, so we optimize FinanceClap for low configuration or outdated OS as well.
  • IP address: IP instruct us on where our readers are from, so we make content that is easy for our readers to understand.
  • Smartphones: Okay, now this does not make any sense to you? We track the most common smartphone and make our blog more friendly for smartphone readers.
  • Date and Time: FinanceClap believes in readers convenience, and we provide content during your reading time.
  • ISP: Nill.
  • Visits: Visits determine the strength our readership, so we focus on that part too.
  • Views: We collect the data from the different user and how many a post has been viewed, and we improve our content.

These are the information we gather and collect to make our content and reader experience better. Improving and delivering is what we aim for, and we do not share any of the information mentioned to the third party. These Analytics does not collect or track your identity. If you have any concern with the privacy policy at any point or any part, then you can contact us directly.

Paid & Sponsorships

Our platform offers paid and sponsored content on the FinanceClap. The privacy policy does cover sponsored content and clients. We have a strict policy of making finance life better, where we never allow anyone to control or manipulate the content by false information.

Sponsored content is always checked through for legitimacy and also we verify the uses, so you get the best of financeClap. We never allow paid content to manipulate the opportunity to promote product and offers for sales by misleading readers. We follow the strict policy and also promotes our Readers, Writers, Sponsored and Editors to follow them.

Our strict policy needs your attention if you have any suggestion or disagreements towards our policy you can contact us for further explanation.

More Information:

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