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FinanceClap is now on providing content and information on how one can make their business grow to how an individual can save money when in debts. We focus on providing information that can help our readers to save money, build something with a piece of scraps, new business ideas and growth hacks. We have a dedicated team of experts who provide you the information that works in your region. We are also welcoming those who are like-minded people with finance handling background. We also allow our readers contribute to our community.

FinanceClap is now aiming to become number one source in Finance category in India. We strive to provide information which adds value to the reader’s life and help readers grow their business and save money in their personal lives.

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FinanceClap loves people with innovative ideas, and we encourage our readers who are not only just readers but also they can share their side of the story and how one can accomplish their dreams by using financial methods and growth hacks to improve themselves. We support our readers and also encourage them to contribute on FinanceClap. If you are a reader who has an out of box idea, then you can share with us and the community by contributing on FinanceClap.

Ethics Statement

FinanceClap is a committed finance blog where we only publish content that helps our readers in growth. We only publish information on Financeclap after it goes through our editor. As we have also mentioned that the Financial accepts sponsored ADS and promotions but we never let our paid persons manipulate the outcome. So readers are secured.

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