Why E-Signature Solutions Are Important in Business

There’ve been many debates considering the technologies’ integration into the companies’ workflow. Some people claim that technologies diminish the value of manual labor and hurt human interaction at the workplace. The opponent side admits that modern businesses can’t exist without techno progress. So, is it essential to automate the business processes and integrate technological innovations into the workflow? Or is it better to run the companies in the good old way as our granddads did? This article will shed light on how technologies can boost business’ efficiency on the example of e-sign solutions.



How E-Signature Solutions Reshape Workflow for the Better


Let’s picture the ordinary situation that can happen in any company. The super-important negotiations are on the edge of failing because you can’t reach your teammate to get his/her signature on the contract. Or another situation – you lost a signed contract and didn’t make a copy in time. Your clients get nervous, your partners keep rushing you, and the prosperous negotiations fail.  It sounds like a nightmare, right? 

Due to SignNow’s e-signature solutions, people will never experience this nightmare in real-life. The SignNow experts help business owners transfer their entire document workflow into a handy and efficient digitized format. Using the unique software developed by SignNow specialists, people can even e-sign PDF files online in one click. And that’s only the minimum of the numerous advantages of e-signing integration for business.  


Guide for Beginners

Imagine that you have tons of documents that need to be signed by a group of people. A few decades ago, you would spend weeks or months to proceed with the paper flow. Nowadays, everything can be done within hours due to electronic signature integration. The entire process of automating a signature will not take much effort. It requires a few simple steps: 

  1. Choose a business-plan that suits you most in SignNow’s offering.

  2. Come up with the requirements for your template.

  3. Create an electronic template.

  4. Add the recipients.

  5. Set up a signing order.

  6. Turn on a notification mode.

  7. Send a document for e-signing.

Benefits of E-Signing

Entrepreneurs and managers who are not familiar with SignNow’s products yet will evaluate the benefits of the e-signing solutions: 

  • Enhanced internal communication: When one task’s success depends on the accurate work of the entire group of people, clear and hassle-free internal communication is above all. Handy templates and convenient web forms make each participant’s role perfectly visible and help track all changes. Teammates can interact smoother by leaving comments and redlining the point nuances online.

  • Limited bureaucracy: Thanks to the e-signature solutions, the number of workflow cycles can be reduced to the required minimum. When several people can sign a script in a convenient electronic format, there is no need to involve unrelated parties (couriers, secretaries, etc.). E-signing adjusts the business operation cycles and helps get rid of annoying bureaucracy.


  • Time-saving: If business owners count the time they spend to proceed with document generation, they will be astonished by the number of hours they devote to a monotonous paper routine. Instead of waiting for printing, signing, and faxing a doc, entrepreneurs can apply SignNow’s e-signing solutions. All they have to do is send online invites to notify teammates that they should sign a document. Once they do it, a sender receives notification that all the recipients sign a doc. No more additional calls or emails! Senders don’t even need to leave the desk to get a contract signed. 


  • Convenience: The unbeaten advantage of electronic signatures is that people can sign papers online at any time of day and night. It’s super convenient when partners live in different time zones. Besides, you can send as many documents as you need to multiple people at once. A sender can set up a signing order to preserve the company’s hierarchy. Moreover, SignNow allows proceeding with e-signing in the convenient on-the-go format via mobile devices.   


  • Customer satisfaction: The risk of human error is minimal when colleagues cooperate as one big team on the digitized business platform. As a result, they can provide the best services to the customers. Nowadays, a growing number of companies and enterprises pass to the online communication format with their clients. They don’t ask customers to come to their offices to sign a deal. They value the clients’ time and transfer the paper routine into the electronic mode.  


  • Hassle-free payments: Internal documents are only a small part of scripts that people can sign online with e-signatures. Drug prescriptions for patients, bank statements, and bills can be confirmed by electronic signatures. More and more companies use e-payment services for money operations. The SSL encryption and two-factor authentication protect bills signed with e-signatures. This multi-layer security system eliminates a scam possibility and safeguards users from frauds.

Where E-Signature Solutions Are Applied

SignNow’s e-signature solutions can be of service in various industry areas. E-signing can enhance the HR processes as employees can sign numerous job application forms in a couple of clicks. E-signature integration is beneficial for the healthcare industry. Patients can receive prescriptions signed by their doctors without even leaving the house. People can sign tax forms, bills, and invoices in seconds. Even six-figure deals between sportspeople and sponsors can be completed via the smart contracts using electronic signatures.  

 The global industries that already apply smart e-signature solutions are: 

  • Business operations

  • Education

  • Finance

  • Healthcare

  • Sports industry

  • Real estate

  • Insurance

  • Government 


The primary goal of technological progress is to make human lives easier and well-organized. SignNow’s e-signature solutions are vivid proof of how technologies reshape the business world for the better. E-signing integration is an integral element of a successful and cost-effective workflow. Automation of the business processes with SignNow products helps owners run their companies more smoothly and create a convenient environment for their employees and clients.

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