Why Don’t College Students Respect Money

The very common-to-hear saying of the life is that money is hard to earn, and even harder to save. The latter is performed by only those people who respect the money. It has been found that the people who don’t respect money mostly includes the students. We are not throwing the stone in the water randomly, but are using the surveys as our base. Since the next life after the college life is professional, the life in which students will have to stand on their own feet, therefore it is very necessary to make them understand the value of money. We can make the students respect money only if we know the reasons that why they don’t respect money. Here are some common reasons.


They Don’t Know that How Hard is it to Earn Money


It’s natural human habit that we don’t respect the thing that we get with ease. Since in case of students, they get the money from their parents on the first call, therefore, they think it as just papers, but don’t know the hard work that one is required to do so to earn these papers. Students will not respect the money till they don’t know about the hardness in earning it.

They are Not Mature

Well, of course, the college students are of age in which maturity level is quite good, but don’t get fooled from the age. A survey conducted in the past showed that students are not mature at all when it comes to money. There are many reasons why the students are not mature when it comes to money. One major reason is that the students spend the college life as they are in a pub. They treat the life as easy, and spend the money here and there without any reason.

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