What You Need to Do to Get Your Documents Attested

Attestation and notarization are often mistaken to be the same but have quite a difference between them. Attestation basically means the documents are proven to be true and notarization is the act of putting a signature, date, and seal on the document when it’s been evidenced that the document indeed has authenticity.

In this article, however, we will focus on the detailed process on how to have your documents attested. As a general flow, this will only feature the documents issued outside the country and how to conduct a certificate attestation in Dubai.

Basically, attestation is needed to be done when you relocate to another country, like the United Arab Emirates (UAE), so that the officials there will know that you are who you say you are. It will prove that your documents are legal.

Attestation services in Dubai are available because there are still a lot of people who find it difficult to have their documents attested or notarized or both. More often than not, they are not aware of the steps and find it a hassle even if they do. Being one of the firms that offer attestation services in Dubai, the below is a list of general steps taken when a person needs to have their documents attested.

Steps to Take for Attesting Documents

The general flow in having your documents, which are issued outside the UAE, attested is listed below in just two steps.

Step 1

The documents that you need to be attested must go through the UAE Embassy in your country for them to verify that authenticity of the papers.

After going through that process, the documents will then go to the Department of Foreign Affairs for them to attest the documents to determine the legitimacy of the papers.

Step 2

When those two sub-steps are down, the last step that will be taken in this stage is to submit the documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in the UAE. This will be the final stop in this whole process.

In this stage, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will simply review the documents that are already attested by the two departments in your country and attach the stamp of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

You can find any Ministry of Foreign Affairs branches in the UAE where you can drop your documents. Once they it has been returned back to you, you can use it now for your work-related activities or other legal things.

As mentioned above, this is simply a general flow for certificate attestation in Dubai when your documents are issued outside the UAE. It should be noted as well that attestation does not take for only a week since each step may consume an allotted time of one to two weeks. A budget should also be prepared for the fees that you will incur in each process. If you need to know more regarding attestation and notarization or other legal matters, you can read more here.

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