What To Look for in Polyurethane Wheels

When you purchase good polyurethane wheels for your shop, you will get a long-lasting product. However, there can be issues with the way these wheels are made. These issues can lead to safety problems and increased wheel failures in your shop. To ensure you get high-quality wheels, you should look for several key factors.

Polyurethane Wheels

Heat Exposure


While polyurethane is very tough, it does not operate well in excessive heat. Most wheels in this material fail after withstanding only 60 minutes of temperatures over 230 degrees Fahrenheit. They will liquefy after only 15 minutes at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. If you plan to use your wheels near a high heat source, you should not invest in polyurethane.

Physical Properties

Wheels that are used in industrial applications will require more physical properties than standard wheels. To ensure you get a good wheel for your shop, consider the tear strength, tensile strength, modulus, and abrasion resistance of the polyurethane.

Hot-Cast Urethane

The only wheels you want to purchase are ones that are made with hot-cast polyurethane. This is because these wheels will have superior physical properties. In other words, only hot-cast wheels will be able to carry out your shop’s demands and ensure that you meet safety regulations. Wheels that have been processed and cured at standard temperatures will not be as strong or able to withstand an industrial setting.

Quality Control

While shopping for wheels, choose a reputable manufacturer. This will help you avoid failures caused by mistakes made during the production process. The most common failure due to a poor manufacturer occurs where the polyurethane wheel meets the core. If the core is not properly prepared, cleansed, heated, and bonded, the polyurethane wheel can separate. This can lead to problems in your shop as you are trying to use the wheels.

Proper Mix Ratio

Ensure the brand you are purchasing uses modern mix machinery, so you know you are getting the proper amount of isocyanates compared with the curing agent. Having the proper ratio ensures that you get a top-quality product with all the physical properties you are looking for. Often, a manufacturer will highlight the modern machinery that they use to get a proper ratio. Look for this to avoid buying a poor quality product.

If you are considering purchasing wheels made with polyurethane, ensure that you look for a high-quality product. This will help you find wheels that can withstand the demands of your shop.

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