What Makes a Good Vault Storage Facility?

Storing high value items is something to be taken seriously, and like everything else in this world, you have choices. You might be a shrewd person, and with little faith in currencies, have decided to store your assets in the form of gold bullion, or you might be in possession of some very valuable jewellery, but whatever the form of your assets, they need to be stored at a very secure location. Sourcing such a company is not as difficult as you might think, and in order to help with the selection process, here are a few pointers to highlight the best provider.

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  • Credibility in the Industry – The business of storing high value items demands a high level of credibility, and there are specialist companies that offer such a service. If you are based in New South Wales, the obvious choice can be found at https://avivaults.com.au/, an established safe deposit box and vault provider who ticks all the boxes, and with affordable terms, you will sleep well, knowing your valuable possessions are safely under lock and key.
  • State of the Art Security – The main reason why a person would entrust their very valuable items to be stored at any given location would be the high level of security present, and this is absolutely essential for obvious reasons. Typically, there would be manned security around the clock, and with video surveillance and intruder alarms, the facility would be pretty much impregnable. If you would like to know more about CCTV, there are plenty of informative guides to how the systems work, and why it is important to include in a high value storage facility. You can also look for other options such as acquiring a visitor management software that will give you a credible security within your business.
  • Twin Key Solutions – Aside from the obvious security systems, you should look for a company that utilises the twin key policy with all of their secure storage units. This means that the safe or vault can only be opened when the two keys are used simultaneously, with one being in the client’s possession and the other held by the storage company. This ensures that no one can ever gain access without you being present.
  • Range of Storage Units – You might only require a small safe deposit box for the family jewellery, and in that case, you don’t want to pay for space you are not using. There would typically be a number of options, and if the items are bulky, then you can rent an entire safe in which to store the items, and if that is too small, there will be vault rental available. By selecting the appropriate unit, you are only paying for what you need and this means value for money.

Of course, credibility and a good name are essential requirements, and with a little online browsing, you should be able to locate an established vault storage company within driving distance.


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