Email Monks conducted a study that showed that videos with emails receive up to 280% feedback than those that don’t feature them. Another report from the Aberdeen Group determined that 67% of institutions use videos to convey their message. Moreover, 60% of much organizations employ videos to thrust conversions piece added 53% cater leads using videos. The benefits of having or being exposed to types of benefiting videos cannot be overemphasized because of the impalpable impact it has on our regular existence and overall our life quality.

Below listed are the categories of videos we have:

1. Explainer/Tutorial Videos

Explainer/Tutorial videos are useful for explaining the challenges, problems and most especially how they are being solved. It addresses the major pain points of what and how to go about solving a particular issue or acquiring more skills in any particular field.

Many online tutorials and blog posts are available online, instructing readers how to do a variety of things. However, nothing beats a how-to-video that explains an issue in details, demonstrating it visually at the same time. Instructional or tutorial videos offer viewers clear instructions on how to overcome various challenges, and are also quite efficinet when it comes to generating qualified leads.

2. Webinars

Webinars are a good source of gaining a new perspactive on a variety of topics, and they generally explain lots of facts in a concise manner. They offer viewers an opportunity to educate themselves on a multitude of subjects while also being suitable for generating leads. Just like podscasts, webinars usually consist of multiple episodes, inspiring viewers to keep coming back for more insightful information.

3. Music Videos

Various genres of song videos are in abundance on the internet today.

A popular example of source of music videos online is YouTube video download where millions of music videos are uploaded every week and all these videos are available on YouTube download for free and most especially YouTube video downloader for smart-phones are for free to make access to videos online much easier, stress less and faster on the go. Websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Instagram and Soundcloud not only provide a large number of video or music collections but also offers a simple interface for easy and stress-free exploration of contents on the site. Video content is an essential asset to enlighten viewers on various topics and offer engaging stories. Unlike other types of content, videos are unique and they can help in decision-making at every stage knowingly or unknowingly. Short or interactive videos shared on social media platforms are demonstrated to improve conversion or case studies that insist on credibility. Having videos with information that is focused on your audience is paramount. The correct videos can inspire yourself and anyone going through the phone.

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