What Items You Should Check for Product Recalls to Save Money

If you’ve recently purchased a product that is new on the market, isn’t backed by the FDA, or is considered high-risk, checking for product recalls is important. When a product faces recall, you won’t always know right away, even if you own it. Many folks find out through social media, TV commercials, or word of mouth, but it’s easy to miss out. Product recalls can affect your health, and have negative consequences on your safety and home environment, depending on what the product is. To maintain safety for yourself and your family, here are a few different types of products you should be aware of, and frequently check to see if a recall occurred.

Why You Should Take Product Recalls Seriously


Besides protecting yourself and your family, taking product recalls seriously drives home a point to the manufacturer. It lets them know you are serious about holding them accountable, and that continuing to create and sell sub-par products is not acceptable. Being involved in a product recall means that you:

  • Report the recall
  • Create a petition to stop the practices of the manufacturer
  • Start or join in a class action lawsuit to seek ramification for the product problems that have affected your life

Standing up to these practices sends a message to other companies. It shows that you are not okay with substandard products, and you deserve to save money on the items you buy.

Pet Food Not Safe for Consumption

In the past two decades, problems with pet food were common. Depending on where the pet food was manufactured in, there might be contaminants that have an adverse effect on animals. A decade ago, it was revealed that pet food made in China suffered issues because the manufacturing plants there did not follow the same procedures for quality and safety. The issue still follows pet owners today, as companies with product made in the United States still recall food. Understanding what to look for in product recalls helps you avoid future problems, and can save the life of the person the product was intended for.

Toys or Furniture Intended for Babies and Small Children

Products for the smallest members of our families face recalls often, regardless of what they are. There have been instances of everything from cribs, baby food, toys, and everyday devices facing recall. Keep these items in mind to avoid getting a product for your child that faces a high likelihood of recall:

  • Look for items that have been on the market for a long time, rather than a new type of product
  • Check reviews from other parents. You’ll see if they mention the company having many recalls or if this item is subject to recall
  • Check the website of the company making the toy or furniture. They usually list if there has been a recall, or what recalls are currently going on

Be aware that if you have a baby item recalled, you cannot resell it or try to make money. Return it to the store you purchased it from, or throw it away if secondhand. Never buy car seats second hand, because they are unsafe if they have ever been in an accident.

Cars Either New or Used

Cars and parts within a car can face recall due to safety issues. Since your car is registered to you, you should receive a notice in the mail if a part on your car is recalled. In this instance, you take your car into the dealership and they will fix the recalled part for free. If it’s determined that you were involved in an accident before a recall was announced on the car part, you should consult a lawyer, and see what benefits you are entitled to. Doing so offers the chance to save money, by recouping expenses that would be difficult to replace on your own.

Understanding How Product Recalls Affect Your Money and Health

If you have a defective product that has created an adverse situation for yourself or your family, consider the benefits of hiring an attorney. Where health issues are concerned, a lawsuit fights for the rights of you and your family, while seeking compensation from the manufacturer. Everyone deserves the right to know if there is a problem with an item they purchased. Manufacturers who skirt around this issue face legal issues with their consumers. Calling them on this will save you money in the long term and prevent similar problems from occurring with someone else.

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