What Can You Expect If You Are Attending An E-commerce Conference For The Very First Time?

In recent years, eCommerce sites have acquired a significant portion of the global market, and their dominance does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. Major players like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and Shopify are globally-renowned, and an affiliation with any of them can open a new realm of opportunities for your brand.

While affiliating your business with an established eCommerce venture can work wonders, you might not perceive it as your end goal. If you see an innovative idea worth investing your time and efforts, then it is only rational to give it a shot.

So you have a plan regarding the initial setup and approach, but what is next? Hundreds of promising start-ups emerge and fade every year, so how can you foolproof your approach amidst the fierce industry? Well, gaining market knowledge and thoroughly researching the field is a decent starting point.

If you think the same way, then attending a renowned eCommerce conference like Shopify Unite or Shoptalk should be your priority. They attract investors from across the globe, offer ample opportunities, and can propose the needed kick start to your business.

All this sounds pretty straightforward on the paper, right? Well, attending an eCommerce conference, in reality, is a whole other game, especially as a newbie.

So, if you are a beginner in the field, and are planning to attend an eCommerce seminar, then here is everything you need to know about it:

What to Expect from an eCommerce Conference as a First-Time Attendee


Brace yourself to encounter the following at any major eCommerce conference:


While it is a given, it still deserves to be mentioned so that you prepare yourself. The crowd won’t be enough to suffocate you but do not expect the investors to be unoccupied at any moment. Candidates would storm the investors, thus making it hard for you to get a hold of someone.

So, you need to dig a little about the attendees and circle out the most probable investors for your product. Do not run around approaching everyone; instead, scan the domain and meet people who seem the most interested in a venture akin to yours.

Expect a Hefty Exchange of Business Cards

Owning and offering a business card on such occasions might seem old-school, but it is still relevant in this day and age. Prepare a business card that represents you perfectly and stack yourself with enough of them.

Now prepare yourself to exchange the card whenever you meet someone noteworthy. Leaving a lasting impression is pivotal in any conference, and a premium-looking business card is a good start.

An Abundance of Opportunities 

Everywhere your eyes wander, you will see someone offering a lifetime opportunity. Let the fact that you cannot meet every investor sink in and prepare yourself to let go of some opportunities without even applying.

Prioritize esteemed investors who are worth a follow-up meeting and valuable relationship. Try to spread your reach, but do not be inconsiderate to the individuals. Give them some time to breathe and restrain yourself from approaching an exasperated investor.

Latest Market Trends Knowledge

When you visit a place filled with individuals excelling in the eCommerce industry, you are bound to gain some knowledge regarding the market. The experts will most-certainly speculate the upcoming market trends and policies that you need to watch out. Start taking notes and devise a plan to tackle the forthcoming obstacles.

Quality Sessions

Every session is worth attending, and you can gain something from each one of them. While each one of them offers something valuable, you need to target the ones with the most qualified individuals.

Try to grab the front seat from where you can clearly see and hear their presentation. Moreover, a front seat allows you an ample opportunity to ask the speaker something. Gain vital knowledge and implement it in your approach.

Fierce Competition

Encountering fierce competition within the setting is a given, and you should be fully prepared for it. Every candidate would be trying to garner maximum exposure, thus leading to a hoard of people surrounding the investors. Prepare an effective strategy to cope with it while still aiming to establish quality relationships.

Keep in mind that competition does not necessarily have to be your enemy. If the competitors seem genuinely well-intent, try connecting as they can refer valuable customers to you.


An elevator pitch is the initial pep talk that contains your basic information like name, profession, and the motive to attend the conference. Try compressing the pitch within 30 seconds and ensure that the information you are providing is relevant to the seminar. Do not try to be cheesy, but do not be plain mundane either.


Every major eCommerce conference serves food, and amidst the harsh setting of a seminar, you will feel the urge to eat it as soon as possible. While the food is not all that great, there is another pivotal reason for you to control your cravings.

Refrain from eating with your friends and sit at the table filled with unknown faces. Sit down, give your introduction, and strike a meaningful conversation. You will be amazed at how productive a 30-minute lunch can be for your business.


The majority of the conferences hold after-parties, where you can score the most value. A little alcohol can loosen up even the sternest personalities, offering a new set of opportunities. Just go with the flow and do not rush the conversation even if the other person is a little tipsy.

Stay even if you are tired, and stray away from the loudspeakers as it can hinder your conversations.

To Wrap Up

Customers nowadays crave convenience and quality over everything else, and eCommerce platforms offer just that. What started with Amazon in the 2000s has now become a worldwide phenomenon, and the world has witnessed the rise of several prestige eCommerce brands over time.

Ecommerce has emerged as the most profitable venture, and it is reasonable for you to start one; however, doing so requires you to gain eminent knowledge of the field. Attending a renowned eCommerce conference offers everything you would hope to kick start your business.

While this seems like a good idea, attending one without learning the fundamentals can hinder your experience, ultimately sabotaging your goal. Go through the given details, and learn what to expect from an eCommerce seminar as a beginner.

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