VPS Hosting VS Cloud Hosting

There are few companies who think that cloud hosting and Windows VPS hosting are the same thing, but this is not true as these terms are not interchangeable. There is a small difference between these two hosting services. This misunderstanding about the difference between Cloud hosting and VPS hosting in our Information Technology industry is becoming quite a buzz now.

This happens because of the improper and lack of awareness about the differentiating factors while judging these two web hosting technologies. The basic concept of hosting remains the same in VPS and cloud hosting. However flexibility, reliability and availability have been little separating indicators between them.

VPS Hosting


We can define VPS hosting as one physical server which is divided into several smaller server slices. Then each of the server slices will act as their own virtual server environment. It provides you the ability to manage and customize the configuration of our server partition. It helps you to customize and configure your environment according to your choice because the data is stored in one centralized location. There are lots of companies which provides you robust hosting environment with pure SSD storage.


VPS hosting has got lots of features and some of them are as follows:

  • It is typically less expensive than cloud hosting servers.
  • There will be no access of file or data between VPS clients on the shared server as they are isolated and kept separate.
  • You can also reboot the VPS according to your convenience as it will not affect other VPSs on shared server.

Cloud Hosting

In Cloud Hosting, the average user has got less control on their hosting parameters and the hosting service is usually distributed across a number of different servers. In order to customize the configurations to cloud server partitions, one may need a higher level of expertise because this hosting service is quite more complex than VPS hosting. It will also allow you to gain technical knowledge to accomplish things that a VPS couldn’t.


  • It can add more server power in a moment’s notice.
  • It allows clients to include custom network architecture, firewalls, load balancing and IP deployment.
  • The cloud servers can migrate to another physical server when any server fails.
  • It is completely secure and gives you unlimited storage because you virtually have your own server.

Difference between VPS and Cloud Hosting

VPS hosting is defined as a technique of parting a physical server computer into multiple servers and each virtual server has power to run its own complete operating system. Each server can be rebooted individually. On the other hand, cloud hosting is defined as a technique where robustly, scalable and often virtualized resources are provided because the service is over the Internet.


People are using both the services because each of them has their pros and cons. There is a slight difference between VPS hosting and Cloud hosting services. If you are willing to try any of the hosting services then we suggest you to choose according to your requirement.

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