Video Brochures Are Ideal For Training

Video brochures are excellent when used for training purposes. Companies often need to train groups of people but sometimes find it difficult to get them all together. Video brochures provide a perfect solution.

A successful network marketing company saw its revenue increase four times what it had been previously by using them to train distributors. Their method was simple. Each distributor purchased a company video brochure like it was part of their inventory. The video content in individual video brochures can be changed by connecting to a Mac or PC, and the company provided training videos on a website for distributors to download. The distributors watched the videos whenever convenient, and both parties reaped the benefits financially.

Why Video Brochures Are Ideal For Training


Research reveals people remember 10% of what they hear, 35% of what they see, and 65% of what they see and hear. By combining sight, sound and motion, video brochures engage more senses and make messages more memorable.

Here is a list of reasons why video brochures are ideal for training:

  1. Videos make messages more memorable by engaging more senses.
  2. Recipients regard video brochures as state-of-the-art technology and feel impressed.
  3. No outside power source is needed since the batteries are rechargeable like cell phones.
  4. No internet connection is necessary for viewing.
  5. They can be watched anywhere at anytime convenient for a viewer.
  6. Video brochures are reusable.
  7. New video content can be downloaded from a Mac or PC to keep it current.
  8. While the video content is being made, companies control the training content to optimize its effectiveness.
  9. Companies can mass distribute them to provide training to numerous people.
  10. Video trainings can be watched as many times as desired.
  11. They deliver the same consistent training for viewers to see and hear.
  12. Videos provide an outstanding way to motivate.
  13. Feedback shows people prefer watching videos over reading “how-to” instructions in print.
  14. Feedback shows people prefer watching videos over listening to “how-to” instructions in recordings.
  15. Feedback shows people prefer watching videos over looking at motionless images showing them how to do things.
  16. When used for training, video brochures save time for presenters.
  17. When used for training, video brochures save time for viewers.
  18. Video brochures cost less than paying trainers to travel.
  19. Video brochures cost less than travel fees for trainers.
  20. They usually cost between $25 to $55 per piece, which is not only an affordable video brochure price, but also far less than many other training expenses.

Video Brochures Optimize Training

Live presentations aren’t always the best for various reasons. Sometimes the presenters are “off”. Sometimes they don’t connect with an audience. Sometimes they aren’t in the best state of mind to teach. Also, sometimes viewers aren’t in the best state of mind to learn, and sometimes they feel distracted.

Video brochures provide control to presenters and viewers. Companies control the messages on the printed part of the brochures and the video content, which can be optimized for effectiveness just like movie editors do for movies. Viewers control when they watch and can do so at a time when they feel is best for them to learn.

For companies to get the most return on investment for the money they spend on training, it is necessary for presentations to keep the attention of viewers. Also, viewers need to watch in settings convenient for them to learn without distractions.

Video brochures provide consistency and beneficial flexibility to presenters and viewers. They also help companies get the most ROI for training and development.

MediaFast Video Brochures Make Training Effective

With over 150 years of combined industry experience, the team at MediaFast has helped companies achieve great success. Many companies have turned to MediaFast for advice, direction and affordable solutions in marketing and business, and MediaFast has a long list of satisfied customers.

For more information about video brochures and what MediaFast can do for you, contact us today. We’re innovative, experienced and ready to help the next company get the best return for the money they spend on marketing and training.

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