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Importance Of Monitoring Software For Business

Gain absolute control over your company with HoverWatch!

Every employer expects 100% focus and commitment from all employees. Well, this ideal situation is not possible. In most cases, employees are always using business properties like laptops or PCs for their entertainment. It is not feasible to check employee’s activities on a computer without additional help.

By further assistance, we meant the use of monitoring software. With a spying app, you can clearly see whether employees are working or surfing the Facebook while pretending to be working. With such apps, you can know which websites have been visited or the files which have been shared from the computers.

Now question is, which software brings the whole package for you? Well, the phone tracking app developed by Hoverwatch is the ideal solution.

HoverWatch  – Perfect Employee Monitoring Software

HoverWatch is a digital spy that can track all activities of a target device. In most cases, the spying applications just do the SMS tracking or call recording. While Hoverwatch is the complete package. Within few clicks, you can see what employees are doing without even getting noticed.

HoverWatch’s Features For Tracking Activities

Hoverwatch is the best recommendation for several reasons, we’ve shared few of them here:

Geolocation Tracking

You may have the direct employee to take an order from a certain location. If you’ve doubts about his actions, you may check his location via HoverWatch. This app provides you accurate insights about the location of phone’s user. This is done using the nearby GPS or WiFi signals. Prefer the GPS signals for absolutely correct geolocation data. For your convenience, the brand has prepared the demo. For further details, please visit

Call Recording

While on the job, employees are instructed not to use mobiles. But some stubborn personalities do it without permission. In that case, you can seek help from Hoverwatch. With this software, you can record all incoming and outgoing calls of the target handset. Even though the user has erased them; you can still access the data via cPanel.

SMS & MMS Tracking

Sometimes, the employees use specific keywords for encrypted communication while on the job. Well, with Hoverwatch you can download entire SMS conversations of the monitored smartphone. Even, you can have access to MMS. This no chance of getting trolled!

Facebook Tracking

Every smartphone user has maintained a Facebook profile. It is very common among employees to waste time on this platform. In fact, they take the activities to next level by trolling their bosses online. You can avoid such situations with HoverWatch. This will record entire conversations happen on Facebook on target device!

WhatsApp Tracking

You must not want your employees to share inappropriate pictures in office. This usually happened using the instant messengers like Whatsapp. Well, Hoverwatch acts as a qualified inspector for you. From images to calls, everything will be presented to your accurately.

Front Camera Snapping

You may have given smartphones or tablets to employees for office use only. Or few employees are instructed to use specific tablets. In case, anyone without permission has tried to breach the smart device, you can know about the culprit. All thanks to HoverWatch. As soon the device gets unlocked, the front shooter will capture the selfie automatically. Isn’t cool?


No doubt, HoverWatch deserves to be on top of the list. From SMS to social media tracking, it will do every digital spying job for you.

It is a paid service. To clear your doubts, the brand offers 7 days free trial. After that, you can avail advanced services for minimal prices!

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