Top Warning Signs Showing You Live Beyond your Means

Nowadays most people are trying to improve their personal financial life. People have to analyse first what are necessary and unnecessary expenses in their daily life and also find some ways to reduce or cut off some unnecessary things. Some people also seek some ways to increase their source of income so as to meet all expenses. Finding ways to increase income is good to some extent but it should not be the one way to meet your unnecessary expenses.

So living within your means will be a good financial sense to have a debt free life. If you are out of means, check out the following warning signs that shows you live beyond your means. Also start making your life risk free financial right now.

  1. Not Able to pay Bills on Time


┬áIf you forget to pay bills on-time, its one issue. But don’t have enough money to pay those bills, then, it is a serious issue. You money expenses are overextended. So analyse your spending habits, adjust some to solve paying bills will be good.

  1. Don’t Have Savings Account

Not having any savings account in your life is one warning sign that you are living beyond you means. Start saving some amount in the bank which will support when you are jobless or face any emergency fund.

  1. Borrowing Money Frequently

If your current income not supporting your lifestyle and you seems to borrow money always, then it is warning sign that living beyond means. So avoid borrowing from friends, relatives and neighbors for unnecessary things.

  1. Bad Credit Card Debts

For everything, using credit card and not able to pay-off at next month is the sign that you love beyond your means. See your income level will be sufficient and balanced for all your means rather than using credit cards.

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