Top Reasons to Choose Silver over Gold Coins/Bars

Mostly investors today prefer to buy silver coins/bullion and coin silver for various reasons of purposes. To quote generally they prefer silver as an investment, or an inflation hedge or for survival purposes. Always there will be more confusion in buying such precious metals among investors are normal people whether to opt gold or silver. Some analysts say gold over silver as it is the king monetary metal. Whereas some other analysts believe in silver as it is the better choice because the up and down potential will be somehow greater in percentage than gold.

As some people are still unaware of having silver coins also make a better investment that can be held in your hands. It is quite opposite to the concept of stocks, where the entire will be controlled by board of directors. While buying silver, you have your own decision on what and how to make use of your metals.

Silver Benefits:


Everyone should know about the benefits of having silver in your hands. It is more volatile and even generates higher returns than compared to buying gold as well as other precious metals.

Best Investment Option:

Having so little silver exchanging hands throughout the world, purchasing of small silver coins/bars can have a dramatic impact on the entire silver market. Silver is considered as “the poor man’s gold”. It is cheaper when compared to gold. It is a much more good investment option for many people.

Market Trends:

The market trend is also good for Silver just like gold from 2008 to 2015. There is a more increase in the value of per troy ounce over that time period. While in percentage terms, silver is even bigger than the gold run.

Silver Usage:

The usage of silver is more in traditional industries. Like to say, silver is the major component in film that is mostly used in cameras. Also silver is usually used in all electrical appliances all over the world as it has low resistivity power. Gold finds less industrial uses.

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