Top Online Banking App Features for an Instant Bank Account

Online banking has made it easy for any of us to open an instant bank account in India today. However, it is sometimes the case that despite researching a lot before deciding on a personal net banking option, we might end up making a mistake while choosing a bank account. This article lists down 5 priorities that must be a part of your checklist for you to be able to select the best mobile banking app for yourself. 

Banking online

Personalised services 


With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, many leading banks have started offering personalised investment suggestions as well through their mobile banking apps. These suggestions are based on your activityon the app and on the products that have interested you in the past, as a customer. IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobile banking app offers such suggestions via app notifications. You must choose an app that personalises its services for you as a customer. 

Technologically advanced

Always choose a personal net banking app that is built on a strong foundation of advanced  technology. The user interface, ease of navigation and intuitive features in  the app can make a big  difference in user experience. Your bank app must not glitch while showing your bank account balance or while executing money transfers. Read online reviews to know about the technical strength of a particular mobile app. 

Access to customer service 

Popular mobile banking apps leverage the convenience of a mobile app to directly connect their customers to customer service teams. IDFC FIRST Bank does this in an efficient manner and provides instant query redressal services to its customers through the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app. Having customer service at your disposal at all times is beneficial to every customer. 

Facility to open bank accounts 

A feature that you must search for is the ability to open an instant bank account through the app. You can open an instant bank account with IDFC FIRST Bank directly through the mobile banking app – a procedure that is completely digital and convenient for customers. The top online banking apps of the day focus a lot on this feature. Besides this unique facility, the banking app must house a variety of features to help the customer access every banking service that is offered offline by the bank. 

Features that help you save more 

Finally, your mobile banking app must help you save more using your savings account. Various factors contribute to IDFC FIRST Bank customers saving more than other bank customers. Some of these are – monthly interest credits, a comprehensive interest rate, the “Zero Fee” policy for savings accounts, and the mobile banking app’s ability to help customers budget better. You must choose a mobile banking app that is designed to help you save more. 

If you find all the five features mentioned here in any mobile banking app, it can undoubtedly be called one of the best online banking apps for opening an instant bank account. Be sure to research the savings/current account online before applying for it through a mobile banking app.

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