Top 5 Ways to Make Money with Your Car

Are your car expenses becoming serious burdens? If so, you are like so many others out there. They know that they need a vehicle to get around town. However, the cost proves staggering. From insurance to parking, people are being overwhelmed.

Is there anything you can do?

Just keep reading to learn the top five ways to make money with your car. Instead of your car being an albatross, it will become your moneymaker!

1. Deliver Pizza


You can always make some side money delivering pizzas in your off time. Rather just let your car sit around collecting dust on the weekend, get out and deliver some pies.

Pizza delivery can be very lucrative if you live anywhere near a college. Students are always eating pizza. Furthermore, they tend to tip more than you might have been led to believe. Students probably appreciate the working classes more than established adults. So, put on that restaurant cap and get that box of pizza to them in record time.

Just be sure to obey all traffic laws. Getting a ticket or having an accident can result in an insurance rate increase.

2. Become a Racer

Do you own a sports car? Want to make some money on Friday nights? You can enter a local road race and make some extra cash.

Most areas have an amateur racing circuit. Just check online or ask your local news media. Just ensure that the circuit is legal. Never race on city streets or engage in car title betting. You might wind up in jail or lose your car on a wager.

Be prepared for the distinct possibility that your car might suffer damage. This is especially true when you are new on the track. A few of the veterans may want to bump you as a test.

If you are fast enough and work hard to avoid contact with others, you can walk away scratch free with a lot of money. Learn how much does defensive driving save you.

3. Car Pool Kids

Busy parents are always looking for someone trustworthy to drop off and pick up their kids from school. Many students have to walk home alone or in a group. They are susceptible to bullying and robbery. You can benefit financially from this unfortunate fact by offering to carpool the kids. Parents will pay you well to ensure their kids are safe.

Even if you cannot get parents to pay for the service, you can always have them pay for gasoline. Then, you can fill up the tank and use the extra gas to drive yourself to work or wherever you need to go. In the end, they are paying for it.

4. Become a Private Driver

Perhaps the days of the yellow taxi are over. Consumers are using private driving services more than ever. You can join one of these services to make extra money. In most cases, passengers will contact you by app. Just pick them up, deliver them to their destinations and collect payment from the company.

Do be aware of possible auto insurance increases. In some cases, your insurer may want you to pay more since the car is being used commercially. Find out just how much they charge before getting involved.

5. Take a Defensive Driving Course

Perhaps the easiest way to save on car expenses is to take a defensive driving course. After completion, you will receive a mandatory insurance discount for between three to five years, depending on your jurisdiction. You can also have any traffic tickets wiped from your record.

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