Top 4 Roles of Your New Marketing Director

If you’re expanding your business, you finally have room in your budget to create positions such as a human resources representative. Perhaps the most important title to add is a marketing director, who handles the following duties.

Maintains Mailing Lists


Role of New Marketing DirectorAll former clients should be on your mailing list, since you never know when they’ll need your services again, and you don’t want them to choose someone else. Additionally, your marketing director should conduct research and identify areas where people are most likely to want your services. These zip codes should also receive your postcards for real estate marketing and other promotional materials.


Updates Social Media

Role of New Marketing DirectorYou’re too caught up in the details of your company to update social media regularly. However, to truly connect with your followers, you need your marketing director to post at least several times a week. Good posts include photos, information about changes at your company, and links to your products.


Creates Blog Posts

Role of New Marketing DirectorYour website should have a blog to drive customers to your services. You need your posts to be professional and worth reading, so you should let your marketing director handle them. As you interview applicants, look for someone with excellent writing skills and a background in search engine optimization.


Runs Advertising Campaigns

Role of New Marketing DirectorTo counter the costs of expansion, you need to sell more products or services. Your marketing director’s advertising campaigns ensure that more people find out about your company. These promotions usually last for a week or two and use all advertising channels, including social media, in-store promotions, and YouTube ads.

As an entrepreneur, you’re too focused on your company’s operations to think much about marketing. However, this is not a sustainable business model. Hire a marketing director to bring new customers to your store, and you’ll be surprised at how much your profits increase.

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