High Electricity Bill? These are the 10 Tips to Save It

Your electricity bill likely rises and falls as the seasons change. However, regardless of how cold or hot it is outside, you can reduce your electricity bill based on your lifestyle. Read on for 10 ways to use less energy and lower your electricity bill.

1. Get a Programmable Thermostat:


Your thermostat is likely what drives up your electricity bill the most. Whether it is busy cooling or heating your house, your thermostat can send your bill up as the temperature outside rises and falls. While you can keep your electricity bill low by avoiding turning your thermostat down or turning the heat up, this isn’t always enough. The best way to cut back on this expense is to get a programmable thermostat.

With a programmable thermostat, you’ll be able to program the temperature based on the time of day. This will keep you from having to adjust your thermostat manually. Additionally, your programmable thermostat will be able to adjust itself automatically, making it the most energy efficient option for cooling and heating your home.

2. Keep Your Home Properly Insulated:

While most people associate insulation with the colder months, failing to properly insulate your home in either the winter or the summer can result in wasted energy and a higher electricity bill. In the event that you have poor insulation, your heater’s attempts to keep the house warm will fall through the cracks. Similarly, your air conditioning won’t be as effective if you haven’t properly insulated. your home.

For this reason, you should make sure every room in the house is properly insulated. Additionally, consider wrapping extra insulation around the pipes so that your water heater doesn’t need to work harder in the winter months.

3. Invest in Solar Power:

Solar power isn’t just for environmentally-friendly businesses. Homeowners looking to cut back on their electricity bill can benefit from the power of the sun as well. If most of your power usage occurs during the day, solar power is an excellent option for you.

With the help of Brisbane Solar Batteries SunElec, homeowners can transform the sun’s rays into high-powered electricity. With the help of this battery system, homeowners are able to use the solar power generated during the day later on at night. If you live in a sunny area, this is an excellent way to significantly reduce your electricity bill.

4. Replace the Air Filter:

Amidst all the other chores involved in running a household, the task of cleaning the air filter is often forgotten. As the filter’s purpose is to extract lint, pollen, dust, and other debris as it circulates air through your HVAC, a filter that hasn’t been replaced will only slow down your system. With your HVAC working harder, it won’t be able to heat or cool your home as efficiently.

By making a habit of replacing your air filter, you’ll make sure your HVAC system is running smoothly and effectively as possible. With your HVAC running with consistently clean filters, you’ll notice a distinct drop in your electricity bill.

5. Lower Your Water Heater’s Temperature:

The water heater is another culprit that often drives up the homeowner’s electricity bills. Water heaters are responsible for heating and distributing water to showers, sinks, dishwashers, and laundry machines. Your water heater can greatly affect your electricity bill due to the temperature of what that is stored in your water heater tank. Lowering your water heater’s temperature by a few degrees will help to reduce your electricity bill.

Ideally, water heaters should be set to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if you are away on vacation or away from the home for a long period of time, it’s a good idea to turn off the heater altogether as this will save you money.

6. Use Appliances as Needed:

If you’re really looking to make a dent in your electricity bill, start using your appliances as needed. To do this, you’ll need to think twice about whether or not you need to use a particular appliance. For example, before running the washing machine, only press “start” if there is a full load. By using your appliances strategically, you’ll only run them when you really need to which will minimize your energy consumption.

7. Wash Clothes with Cold Water:

When running the washing machine, always choose cold water. While you may think hot water will get the clothes cleaner, cold water is more efficient and just as effective. Instead of tapping your water heater to use more electricity for hot water, simply wash your clothes with cold water.

8. Ensure Appliances Work Correctly:

Many homeowners choose to hold onto appliances that may malfunction occasionally. However, these temperamental appliances are costing you money in the long run. These faulty appliances use more energy when they aren’t working correctly. Instead of sticking with these bad appliances, replace them with energy-efficient models as soon as you see they’re not working.

9. Considered Prepaid Electric Plans:

If you have a long-term contract with the electricity company, it may be helpful to switch over to a prepaid electric plan. These plans are helpful for homeowners looking to limit their use of electricity. This plan allows homeowners to only pay for the electricity they use, making it easier to pay attention to how much energy is used on a daily basis.

10. Use Fans or Space Heaters:

While your HVAC system may be your go-to when the seasons change, consider using fans or space heaters as alternatives. For example, instead of turning on the air conditioning to cool the entire house, use a fan in the room you are in. Similarly, when the weather is colder, use a space heater in each room instead of turning on the heat for the whole house. This will help to save money without causing you any physical discomfort.

Electricity is something none of us can live without, but something we all should use wisely. Cut back on your electricity use by living more responsibly. Keep these 10 tips in mind and apply some of these strategies to your lifestyle to save energy and reduce your electricity use.

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