8 Tips for Designing a Conference Room That’ll Wow Clients

A meeting room can reflect them company presentation, and you can leave active in the environment around the clients because the meeting is the first place they arrive when they step into the enterprise. A meeting room can leave an impression or a distraction. Having a decent & attractive meeting room is important to express the standard of the company.

No company would like to pass a negative or distracted place for their clients; after all, they are the principal guest of the enterprise.

When you have a guest who is interested in what you have to offer, you have to make sure that the environment fits and make them feel comfortable.

8 Tips for Designing a Conference Room That’ll Wow Clients


Meeting Room Size


When we enter into a conference room where we are sure of how many are going to join the session and listen to what you have to offer. It is important to have meetings rooms which are too large because we can see that many of the meetings rooms are small, and the seats are organized in a way that everyone is close to each other because they feel more safe and comfortable around the groups.

Try to maintain the capacity of the guests and make sure to make them feel safe and comfortable during meetings by having a medium size conference room.

Add Comfortable Interior

What most of the conference halls lack is that the seating issues do not feel comfy when moving around. One should feel comfortable when the individual can stand properly and pass on the papers or receive from another side. I have seen that many of the conference rooms do not have comfortable seats and spaces to move around.

The alternative to figure it out is to find out how many of the clients will show up to the meeting and adjust the table and seat accordingly to make them comfortable and also to avoid awkward situations.

Select a Table Styles

Specifically, there is no guide to get a proper table for your business style, but you can choose on what kind of configuration are you looking for. Choosing the cheapest and looking good one is not the best because what is more important that to make you clients comfortable enough that they are not distracted by the how uncomfortable their neck is feeling, and their spine is feeling.

Clients should only focus on the product and what you have to explain them about your business. Try to purchase tables and seats which are more comfortable.

Choose the Right Location for the Room

When we want to attract the clients our favor that is just not possible unless you know what evokes the emotion of the humans. Let’s start with the painting; it customers that display we feel more relaxed, and the red color is opposite of our previous theory of blue color.

What is the point of adding colors to the conference, when that is working against you making things arguably? Learn the value of colors and try to maintain the simplicity.

Use Physical Merchanding Techniques

In most of the major stores, we can see that the sections are enlightened with the LED lights. You can use that technique to make things exciting, but it can also distract if you over do it. Making the conference room awesome is quite a good idea but overdoing it will only result in distraction. Always use bulbs which do do not emit much heat and if you have large meeting area then use organic bulbs to avoid eye strain.


When a meeting is set then, there will be display on wall positioned and ready to show your best piece of presentation to show up, since meetings are conducted so that they can talk about in-depth strategy then it would simply take 30 to 40 minutes to finish. You have ensured that the screens are positioned on the right side and ensure that the distance is decent.

Comfortable is what your guest are expecting from your end. Giving them within their arm’s reach is what you should be doing. Get a mini refrigerator and serve them better. Also add a cabinet so that your guest can leave their belongings which are not necessary in the meeting aside that is how you can make them feel more comfortable.

Prepare Amenities

We have already covered the point that to make your guest comfortable as possible. To do that provide them some refreshments like Water, soft drinks, drinks, any other food items within their reach in a refrigerator. Install dustbins, other tables to put the client’s belongings so that they do not have to carry additional luggage to the conference room (Laptops, Mobiles, papers, and bags).

Prepare a Day before Conference

In many major firms, they practice and rehearse before they start the meeting to ensure everything is well-prepared. Even the major icon feels nervous when in the crowd but once you rehearse what you have to explain you will be calm during the actual meeting.

In case, if this is the first time you are presenting the meeting with important clients or the clients do not approve mistakes during meetings then you can conduct a rehearsal interview day before the conference. You can invite your colleagues. You can help yourself and calm your nerves by the feedback you receive from your co-workers.


Adding a small thing makes big changes in a meeting because you have a deal to seal, which requires your potential clients to focus on and it is not possible unless they are not thinking about anything else. Clearing their minds off which are distracting is not an easy task but you can minimize it to at least 60% and get their attention towards your products.

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