Things You Should Learn From $10,000 Career Mistake

Career is important for every person and especially for the individual who is just getting started because on the way to success there are many road blocks and uncertain

In career, when you have this job which is offering a good package and you simply YES to it and you end up in accepting it without a word because of the salary offered to you but when you have realized that the other who are offered and are in the same role have better wage than you do. That is when you feel like you have made a quick decision.

What You Should Learn From $10,000 Career Mistake


Are you a person who has been making mistakes in career? Then you should Learn From $10,000 Career Mistake,

My Wake-up Call

Flashback: Once the company offered this individual over $30,000/Per Annum offer, the individual was turned with the offer that has knocked the door, and he could not say a thing because he did realize that the tender is one in a lifetime offer. The other guy on the phone explained a couple of things about the duty and how it will reflect his duties and responsibilities. The candidate has accepted without the job any further inquiry and information.

Like I have mentioned that every company allows the candidate to take some time and think about the job which has been put on the table. But the guy on the scene thought this is the best he can get, and he accepted; then the company decided the joining date over the call.

Now after one month period of the working for the company, he realized that the co-worker’s salary was $42,000/Per annum, which he realized that he had accepted the rules and conditions and now he cannot ask the company about the hike.

How to Avoid The Mistake

There are plenty of things you have to learn about the negotiating and learn to have patience. When you receive the call when the offer is being made to you take your time and think about if the job and the salary was worth it?

Once you are done with the acceptance, you cannot just roll back on what happened with the deal, and you will only end up in trouble. Remember, when you have the price and job responsibilities do research on how much does this very role is being offered in the market

Let me help you understand, what things you need to do before you can accept the offer.

  • Ask them to give you sometimes to think and call them back with the confirmation.
  • Do a research on how much does other companies are offering for the same or similar role, and it will give you a rough idea on it.
  • Once you have the numbers, you can either accept it or you can re-negotiate the salary part directly to the Manager.
  • Remember, make sure that you are ready to work for them ane ensure that you are willing to work for them. Be honest with you Manager when it comes to the salary because that is why we are working at the first place.


Many of you may not be losing $10,000, but you are losing a lot of money for sure.

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