Things you do not know About Courier Van Insurance

The courier van insurance works with an objective to safeguard you as a courier and besides that it also protects your van and the cargo. Couriers transport valuable items for their clients and they tend to spend a far more time on the road than an average driver would. Directly or indirectly, this means that these couriers are further more exposed to risks that a standard insurance policy may not cover. That is when the need to get a courier van insurance gets important. Such policies are framed in a manner that they cover the unique risks that the couriers may be exposed to, when in transit. The policy would cover you in case your cargo is stolen, lost or damaged.

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Before you get a policy, there are things that you need to know about the courier van insurance:

Which policy to choose?


The courier van insurance is usually taken to safeguard the drivers who use their own van for hire and reward basis. In this the drivers transport the couriers of other clients in exchange of compensation/reward/money. For those who use their vehicle for haulage, a policy aimed for goods in transit might deem fit. Both of course are similar in nature and working but it is the choice of business that will largely influence the choice of policy.

Do you really need insurance?

If you believe that your van or the cargo is important for your business then it is quintessential for you to choose the right type of cover just in case the cargo undergoes a loss, theft or damage.

How is courier van insurance different?

The courier van insurance is designed so as to cater to the unique risks that your courier might undergo. These include the following:

  • Varied nature as well as the value of cargo
  • high daily mileage
  • multiple stops during a trip

Usually the standard van insurance policy just may not be able to give you the adequate cover for this type of driving hence a specialist courier car insurance policy might seem fit.

What all does the courier van insurance cover?

What the insurance policy will cover depends on the type of insurance policy you choose. The different things that courier van insurance covers include:

  • Public Liability
  • Your cargo
  • Damage to the van or the other vehicles
  • Employer’s liability

Final Say

Keep these things in mind and choose the right courier van insurance for your business. It will be a great thing if you take care of above mentioned things and follow them properly.

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