Things to Consider Before Renting a New Abode

Getting a new home is not easy. Apart from having to put up with the new environment, you have to decide various things before actually deciding to live in a new place. Shifting yourself to an entirely new space always feels eerie, you have to adjust to the latest patterns, and you get trouble sleeping. Apart from all that, the prices and privileges can either be parallel or mismatch with each other. To find a perfect home to meet your requirements and compete with your definition of a home, you need research — a lot. Even a small thing can put your mood to slumber. Understanding and expecting your requirements while renting a new abode is one of the first things you must do. After all, houses are made of homes by happiness. Check with the other local home buyers to understand every dimension that there is to a house.




If you have a place in your mind, research the area. Check the distance from your workplace or college, and also the crime rate. Check all the factors that are required for a peaceful living before actually renting out a place. If there’s a hospital nearby or a police station and how is the locality are a few factors that you must consider.


A house should be liveable. Check the property and see if it’s good enough for your comfort. You can ask the landlord if he will repaint the walls or renovate the house before you move in. Usually, it’s normal for landlords to renovate the property before renting it out to a new tenant. It will create a sense of comfort in you when you move in.


There should be no confusion about how much you need to pay. Have the money talk. You can negotiate according to your budget. Compare the price with your previous house or with other houses in the localities. How much do you have to pay in advance and how much will you be getting after vacating? Ask questions about the agreement. These things should not cause conflict when you leave the house.

Inventory and Challenge:

Make a list of the things that are in the house, broken or need repairs. Keep that copy with you and inform the landlord too. It shall provide you with extra security. If you’re not happy with any conditions, ask to revoke them. For instance, if pets are not allowed, you can challenge them.


Understand your agreement. Where will your deposit be held and know your rights by law? Understand how the law works on the increase in rent. For a fixed period of about a year, rent cannot be increased without the permission of the tenant. However, in shorthold tenancy rent can be increased by the landlord through legal means but under certain guidelines. Read your agreement properly.



 The law places its trust in written contracts. Get everything in writing, no matter how small it seems because its absence will affect you. The documents remain security to you. Thoroughly read and understand every point.

Read everything:

Spend some time and read it properly. Ponder on every line. Go through your name, address of the property, date of tenancy, duration, break clause, and other mentioned articles to fully understand the factors and your rights as a tenant. Ask questions to understand and don’t sign it in a hurry.


Certain properties will need a guarantor. It doesn’t matter that you have a job. Ask if you need a guarantor.


Evaluate different kinds of utilities, like cable, water, light, etc. to know the overall billing system and its weight. Know if anything will be included in the rent and if you have to pay any maintenance charges, if yes, what would that be?


Renting a new house is a complicated but beautiful process. You can start up a new life in a different place, but it comes with hard work and a lot of research. You will have to put up with adjusting to an entirely new neighborhood but at the same time need to adjust your expenses. Finding a new house is always like a quest, but with adequate research, it’s no big deal. All you have to understand is your requirements, and among thousands of properties, you will certainly find one that will cater to your needs and fall under your budget.

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