The Six Easy Steps for Trademark Registration

There are differences between countries when it comes to how much it would cost to have a trademark registered. In each nation, trademark is based upon a specific law released by the government to ensure that everyone is going to respect each other’s rights and follow the rules of the land. This straighten things out and guides the people.

As one of the firms that conduct trademark registration in UAE, we follow a certain UAE Trademark Law that is applied all over the United Arab Emirates (UAE). When your trademark is registered, the protection spreads not just in one Emirate but in all seven Emirates of UAE. This kind of protection for a trademark will last for 10 years and can be renewed before its expiration date.

Steps in Trademark Registration in UAE

There can be situations that you would like to hire someone, like a consultant, to help you out with the process. In this way, you wouldn’t need to carry all the burden of processing the papers and finding out where to go and whom to approach.

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There are a number of steps in having your trademark registered. You can follow the below steps to have your trademark registration in Dubai, UAE.

  1. The first one would be the initial search wherein the targeted trademark is applied to the concerned authorities for them to conduct an initial search. This will ensure that your trademark does not conflict with others.
  2. The next one is all about the result of the initial search. Waiting can be a bit bothersome, but depending on the result, it can be worth it as well. If the result finally comes out and it’s negative, then it means that your trademark is unique that nobody else has registered it. With that in mind, the next step would be the next thing to follow.
  3. The third would be submitting the documents. It is essential that you have all the complete documents as not to cause a delay on your side. Along with these documents is the trademark registration application that will be passed to the concerned authorities.
  4. These documents will then undergo this fourth step called the document examination process. As the name suggests, the concerned authorities will examine the documents to ensure its authenticity.
  5. There can be a waiting period of 6-9 months. Within this period, the business owners can plan their strategy even more ahead of time to be more prepared in the coming launch of their business soon.
  6. The fee them will be submitted to the authorities as the last step. If there are no oppositions that are made by anybody else, the payment should then be completed. Your trademark certificate will then be received by your side. If ever there is any opposition against your trademark, you are free to make an appeal.

If you need to know more regarding the trademark registration in Dubai and in other Emirates of UAE, you can see more here.

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