The importance of SEO to attract customers to our business

In many occasions small companies and their managers worry that their businesses do not appear in the top positions in search engines or sometimes they do not even appear in the first pages of search results and, therefore,  their sales do not benefit from it and the visits of new clients to their establishments through this means do not occur.

The truth is that this is not easy and many times it will be practically impossible to position the company on the first page of results, especially when we “fight” with very generic terms or when we have been working with SEO for a short time.

In any case, and although Google strives to make constant changes to its algorithms, my opinion is that we must undertake a series of basic and constant actions if we want to have some success in natural positioning, especially in small and local businesses.

Optimization of web programming


Of little use to have a word strategy and a high motivation to work on it if the web is not well optimized and worked.

This is usually the first of the problems and does not depend on the budget invested. When creating a website, we must think about the behavior of the user, but also how the search engines will identify us.

In this case, there are dozens of levers to work, but there are some basic ones such as titles , headers, meta descriptions, images, sitemap generation , creation of robots.txt file, etc., which are mandatory to take into account.

Selection of the appropriate keywords

You can work in several ways, first knowing what words have the highest search volumes. You can use keyword analysis tools and other online resource to find the best keyword for your business, niche words that define our business well (something easier to compete for) and words that are currently assuming the greater result on our website.

Unfortunately, with the latest changes from Google and its Hummingbird algorithm, we are getting less and less data about this, but interesting conclusions can still be drawn.

SEO and Social Media currently go together

A good explanation of this can be found in a recent post, “How do social networks influence SEO?” , Where it is clear that the opinion of users, their comments and their ratings on social media are a determining factor in the relevance of our website, especially in social networks such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

The contents are the key

It is a requirement to offer quality content on our website that interests users, generates traffic and is positively valued. In addition, it is essential that these contents are updated and published constantly.

At this point we enter a field that we often do not like. Does my company have interesting content? Does my company provide anything different that might interest the users? If we do not have them, it is difficult then that we are attractive to users and, consequently, it is preferable to rethink the company’s online strategy.

Google Places

In addition, in order to be found and referral traffic to our establishment must the information provided work in Google Places (location, description, photos, videos, etc.) and to appear in portals, directories or listings related to our business.

Quality and affinity of those sites is more important than quantity. There are general and sectorial directories, free and paid, where we will be interested in appearing by their prescription power and by their ability to attract quality traffic.

At the same time, getting external links (link-building) of quality to our website from other sites through our content is very important. Hence the need again to generate good content and interesting formats, as they will contribute to it (videos, infographics, studies …).

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