The Cheapest Way to Get a Divorce-Saving Money during the Divorce Process

The process of dissolving a marriage entails a number of steps to be considered complete. People often feel pity for the affected couple since separation is not only painful and tedious but also an expensive process. This does not have to be the case, and couples should not stay in an abusive relationship for fear of facing the costs involved in the entire process.

It all depends on the nature of divorce and the prevailing circumstances during the time that a couple says it is enough. There is, therefore, a solution to the most sought question on how cheap a break-up process can be. The answer to this is that depending on how weighty the separation issues are, and the annulment can be affordable and manageable.

Having said this, it’s imperative to have an overview of the cheapest ways in which one can get a divorce;

  1. Online Divorce


It is a form of marriage termination where the parties file litigation without an attorney. It’s considered one of the easiest ways to terminate a marriage in an inexpensive way. All that the couples need to do is to log in to an online site and complete an online divorce questionnaire where the petitioner needs to answer several questions to be eligible for the online application process.

Several sites support divorce over the internet, and it is upon the couple to decide the one that suits them most.

It’s also essential to check on the reputation of each of the sites from the people who have used them before and left a review.

Online divorce is most applicable for uncontested divorces and once qualified, a person is given rights to download the forms and apply for divorce. The stress of where to get the forms is reduced since this is an outright process.

When through with document processing, the papers are submitted back to the online site provider.

Qualified practitioners will go through the completed documents and certify they are okay before giving a go-ahead to forwarding to the courts.

If they have any issue, the divorcing couple is advised to review and ensure that the result will be a success.

Go here to know more about the online divorce process.

  1. Mediation.

Another great and cheap method of ending a marriage is through mediation.

 A third party is used to help resolve issues surrounding the marriage annulment and offer solutions to a cheap and quick way.

Before proceeding to court, a mediator steps in and advises on the best way to resolve the differences. He stands on a neutral ground allowing the couple to shed down their differences.

However, this could be more expensive than an online divorce.

But the good thing is that one does not have to involve a lawyer in terminating the marriage and disputes are resolved in a more focused way before filing for divorce.

Go here to know more about divorce mediation.

  1. Do it Yourself Divorce.

This is a way of separation whereby the separating couples decide to come together, draw all the issues that they have, and table down a solution as they end their marriage. Usually, the couple downloads the divorce papers from the State courts website and fills them for submission. It’s one of the cheapest methods to annul a marriage, considering that it is legalized and the only cost involved is the court fees.

All that is needed is to ensure proper filling of the papers because it can either cause delay of the judgment or rejection of the entire process.  Once through with the documentation, provide to make hard copies or retain the same as a soft copy on a PDF format which should be forwarded to the courts for review and judgment,

The process can take between 3-6 months to be complete.

You can find more info about a DIY divorce here.

  1. Uncontested Divorce

As much as ending a marriage is a hard task, couples can come together and resolve any issues that could lead to delay in terminating their marriage. This is how an uncontested divorce works where couples agree on financial settlement issues, child custody, and care, division of property and spousal support.

Here you can find everything you need to know about an uncontested divorce process.

The petitioner files the documents serves the party being sued and proceeds with the court submissions. In cases of uncontested separation, the couple does not need to appear in court either will there be any need of an attorney since there is an agreement in place.

This makes the process very cheap and quick and is primarily referred to as an amicable process. However, the court fees must be paid, and it depends on the state of residence at the time of application.

If the judge goes through the documents that have been submitted and finds that all is well, no disagreements and no quarrels are experienced during the application process, he can decide to issue the final orders immediately.

In all these, marriage has not been an easy project to handle. There are issues all around that keep hurting though they ought not to go beyond control. Breaking a marriage, in some instances, cannot be avoided and essentially, it could be a damaging affair in the lives of all the family.

If it becomes destructive, then it’s paramount to make the final decision and walk away. However, during the process,  do not allow emotions to mess up with the finances that could be used later after the judgment is pronounced. Below are some tips that can support in saving finances while in the process.

  1. Budget- Prepare a budget with a full analysis of the expectation of the entire process. This will give an overview of what you have versus the expenses. Once through, stick to the budget to avoid future regrets.
  2. Review forms well before submission– To avoid back and forth or even rejection, ensure that the divorce forms are filled in a way that the courts will not find fault in the application.
  3. Look for amicable ways to resolve differences– This will drastically reduce any lawyer’s expenses once you agree on any disputes prevailing at the time of application.
  4. Research– In the current day technology, there is a lot of information that is found on the internet over divorce issues.  Bloggers keep posting free advice, there are YouTube channels all that provide information on the web that is transformational and focused.

Finally, keep information to yourself as you peruse through the supreme court’s website for all the documents that are required to make the process complete. Avoid sharing the information on social media, which could work against the dissolution process and reverse the cheap way to a costly process.

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