The Best Way to Buy Crypto With Fiat

Those who just begin their journey in the crypto world and don’t know where to begin, will find this article interesting. Numerous crypto exchanges offer their services in the market. They are simple exchanges that offer elementary swap tools, large centralized exchanges with a full range of trading tools, and decentralized platforms rich with earning opportunities. In this article, we will talk about centralized platforms that operate officially.

Buying crypto with cash is a rare option valuable for beginner traders who only start their journey in the crypto world. In this case, the best way to buy crypto with fiat will be through one of the popular centralized exchanges, such as WhiteBIT.

WhiteBIT is a young platform registered in Estonia. It operates in over 150 countries and offers a convenient and easy-to-handle application.

The daily trade volume reaches $502 million. There are over 400 trading pairs available and the option to buy crypto with fiat. The exchange is known as one of the best platforms for beginner traders. Let’s consider the features of the WhiteBIT exchange.

Fee Policy When Buying Crypto With Cash


The WhiteBIT exchange charges average fees of 0,1%. As mentioned above, the platform makes it possible to buy crypto with cash. A user should replenish a balance with fiat money through a bank card. Then enter the tab “Exchange” and buy any crypto coin. It is crucial to consider the bank fees, which may depend on the currency you pick. Users can buy crypto with fiat with no fees through Monobank cards. Other payment methods charge a fee of 0,7% – 4,5%, depending on a specific bank.

User-Friendly Interface

The platform has a beginner-friendly interface, which can be customized. It is suitable for both novice users and experienced investors.

White Blog

The company has its White blog where it publishes valuable information:

  • smart staking and other opportunities to receive passive income;
  • new projects and their tokens that join the WhiteBIT family;
  • guides on how to buy crypto with fiat, how to pass KYC, create a token, etc.;
  • educational section about famous people in the crypto industry and key concepts;
  • description of popular crypto projects and their rates.

Safety of investments

The exchange stores 96% of clients’ assets offline. It helps protect investments from hacker attacks. Users configure a two-factor authentication to secure their accounts from third parties.

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