The Benefits of Using Namify, a Business Name Generator, For Your Business Name

One of the biggest decisions that entrepreneurs have to make is what to name their product or business. The name you select can have an impact on the success of your business. A business name needs to tell consumers what type of products or services you offer, while also being catchy enough that the average consumer can recall your name.

Business names may be enough to entice customers to visit or can be enough to deter customers from doing business with you. Here at Namify, we offer a business name generator tool. Read on to learn more about this tool and how it may help you.

Namify Generates Unique Business Names With Tie-Ins to Your Business Type


One of the benefits associated with using the business name generator on Namify is that we help to generate unique business names. One of the challenges that you may face when you are trying to come up with a business name is finding out that many names are already taken. You have to be careful not to use a business name that is already taken.

Benefits of Using Namify,

You can be sued for trademark infringement and unfair competition if you open a business with a name that is the same as or very similar to another business. This can cost you time and money, as you then have to defend the suit and come up with a completely new name. When you use Namify, you know that other businesses do not have the same name, which can help you to avoid this major hassle.

Namify Ensures Domains Are Available For the Business Name Suggested

Another benefit to using the business name generator on Namify is that namify looks for domain names when suggesting business names to you, and ensures domains are available for the name you are selecting. If your website name, or domain name, does not match your business name, it can create a lot of confusion.

Worse yet, if someone else owns the domain name for your business, your customers may wind up doing business with the owner of that domain instead of you. You want your brick-and-mortar business name to match your online name, and Namify helps you find domains that are available for the names they are suggesting.

Namify Also Offers Free Logos That Correlate With Business Name Suggestions

The final benefit to using Namify, a business name generator, to help you generate business names, is that the service also offers free logos that correlate with the business name suggestions they provide to you. This can help you to not only see the name they are picking out for you, but to also help you visualize what a logo with that name would look like. Additionally, graphic designers can be pricey. So being able to get a free logo can help you avoid the cost of working with a company to create a logo for you. It also ensures you have a logo right away, which can help you get started immediately building a website and putting together marketing materials.

Picking the right name for your business is so important, yet it can be daunting. Namify works to simplify that through the use of our business name generator. We can help you to find a unique business name, ensure domains are available to correspond with the name, and provide you with free logos for your new business name. Visit our website today to learn more about our services and how you can use them to select a business name.

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