What Do You Get For FinanceClap?

FinanceClap is one of significant finance category source of information, where we provide information on the growth of an individual to a small time company. Our information is targeted for almost every age group of learning person. We always aimed to provide information that is worth to share and implement in ongoing life. We always share and publish content which has been liked and needed by you in the past. We strive to improve the content on the site, and we also update the old content published a year ago so that you can get updated and valid information even after year or so. We strongly recommend that you share our insight on how we plan to implement our strategy to provide information that is more important to you readers.

Write for Us: How It Works?

FinanceClap is not just a name, and it is a community where we share information which helps the people understand the finance business and work include in it. One of these aspects we are also featured on one of the major sites like HuffingtonPost, Lifehacker which are huge websites. If you want to contribute to the community then it is good and wise but there are certain things you have to keep in mind, and you have to understand that we are dealing with trusted readers who believe in our words and invest time, heart and effort to make it live. We expect you to live up to the expectations of those readers who are improving their knowledge and you need to follow few rules so that you can get your article approved.

  • You should add value to the community, and it should be useful. No random subject content will be accepted.
  • Did you know that we only accept content which is Unique and fresh in the finance category.
  • When we mentioned unique content, that means your content should not a single copied from any other site, and you can use any plagiarism tool to check those paragraphs.
  • Our community has readers from different countries from the USA to Bangladesh, so you should have the ability to write content which connects us with your command over English, and make sure to fix spelling mistakes.
  • I have mentioned that we have readers from different countries and our readers like to read articles in English, so we do not accept articles in any other language.
  • Articles with detailed explanation are highly appreciated, so the minimum word count is 300.
  • Every community dislikes annoying solution which leads to the promotion of a product or a person, so kindly keep your advertising aside.
  • We hold a strong copyright policy on the FinanceClap, and we do not accept articles with copyrights issues or that can have copyright strikes.
  • Once your content is live on the site, you are to reply comments on your post (It is mandatory.).
  • Remember, when you are submitting your post kindly send your authentic personal information and photos, full name and other information. We consider unfinished profiles as fake profiles.

Categories are allowed on FinanceClap:

  • Finance (When we mention finance, you can check our previous articles for better vision and understanding of it.)
  • Business (When we mention business, it straight points at from finance to how you make a business better or help a startup.)
  • Insurance.
  • Credit.
  • Debit.
  • Bankings.
  • Savings.
  • Loans (Remember, mention which countries and states apply your theory.)
  • Make Money (Your content on Make Money should work for every state or mention the countries it works.)

We hope that you have gone through every point and rule we laid for our important readers, and you understand that you agree to them when you are sending a request, now do you think you can deliver the content which we welcome to our community? then contact us.

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