Steps to Follow If You or a Family Member Gets Injured at Work

According to the ILO,more than 313 million employees get serious work-related injuries annually. This translates to almost 860,000 workers who get injuries every 24-hours. For example, in 2014, over 242,000 Australian employees got injuries while at work. This is a high number, and all need compensation. The worker might be you or your family member, and such an injury may make the worker disabled.

In most cases, such injuries are accidental, but the employer should compensate you. But what steps do you take to get the required help?With no win, no fee lawyer Perth we have complied steps to follow when a worker receives an injury while at work.

Inform Your Employer

Inform Your Employer if injured at workWhen the accident happens, don’t seek any medical attention immediately. If you are capable, inform your employer, but if the accident is severe, inform other employees to call the supervisor. By doing so, the employer will know that you got the injury while at work.

In case you don’t tell your employer, the insurance company will use this not to cater to your medical bill. Even if you don’t suffer immediate signs or symptoms, it is essential to let your supervisor know what transpired.

Get and File an Injury Report

Get and File an Injury ReportAfter you report your injury to your employer,make sure you ask for an injury report form. This form should be in any organization. If it is not present, get a paper and write what occurred. Get a witness (an employee who was at the accident scene) to append their signature. Also, make sure the supervisor signs the form.

This will go a long way to help you get compensation from the insurance company. Additionally, you should make copies of the report. This will help you in the event the statementis misplaced.

Collect Evidence

Collect Evidence if injured at workReceiving your claim is not easy as you may think.

You require concrete evidence, and by so, you need to collect evidence from the word go.

Take pictures and videos of your injury and the scene.

This is to make sure that the insurance company trusts you.

Collecting the evidence will help you get your injury claim without any issues.

Go to Hospital

Go to HospitalNow that you have reported and filed the case,it is time to go to a medical facility. This to help you alleviate the pain and discover if the extent of the injury. Is it serious, or can you continue working?

When you visit a hospital,you get to know if the situation requires immediate medical attention. This is because the symptoms can delay and occur affect you later. Additionally,this will help you get your injury claim. When you fail to report early, your insurer can decide not to compensate you and declare you didn’t get the injury while at work.

Once you get the medical report,ensure you file it at your workplace and with the insurance company. This will go a long way in helping you get compensation.

Document All Your Expenses and Losses

Document All Your Expenses and LossesWriting down your expenditure is critical in getting the right compensation: document accommodation, travel, food, and medical expenses. Please make sure you document them and with proof.

Note: Keep your receipts of every transaction you make relating to the injury.

As for losses, record the days you haven’t attended work and the money it has cost you due to absenteeism. When you do this, it will be easy for your lawyer to help you win your case.

Get the Right Lawyer

Get the Right LawyerGetting your rightful compensation is not simple as you may think when registering for the insurance. Most personal injury claims take time,and sometimes you will not receive the payment. To avoid this, you require an expert personal injury claim lawyer. They are experts and understand all requirements needed for you to win your claim.

The lawyer will ensure the insurance company accepts your claim, do negotiations for you, presents the evidence, and quickly processes the payment. Unlike when you file the claim negotiating and receiving the payment may take longer to receive your compensation.

Therefore, make sure you search for a personal injury claim lawyer. Don’t hire a lawyer as it may slow your claim.

Tips to Prevent Injuries at Your Workplace

After getting to learn about the steps to take after you get an injury at work, we saw it appropriate to inform you how to avoid injuries.

  • Use Protective Gears

Always put on the right working outfit and using protective gear. If you are working in a construction or a factory,everdress appropriately.

  • Follow Safety Guidelines

When you are work always adhere to the set regulations. Don’t go against them because when you are involved in an accident, and itis discovered that you were not following the rules. Then you might not get your claim.

  • Be Alert

Make sure you are in the right state of mind, and you are fully concentrating while working. This will enable you to avoid accidents that may injure you. Additionally, being alert makes sure you perform well.

  • Address your Grievances Early

In case you feel the task designated to you is risky, please inform your supervisor in advance. When you tellthe supervisor, and if anything happens, he or she will be responsible. Also, address the supervisor when you see some tools are faulty.


When you get an injury while at work, don’t rush to the hospital, it is vital to document all scenarios to help you receive your claim. Also, to get the compensation,you need to have an excellent personal injury attorney. So, we hope you have learned a lot. For any queries,please leave a comment.

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