Start-ups That Failed To Survive – Why?

Why do startups which have launched in 2013 are now failing to make it up to the mark? Start-ups are absorbing became the business model which most creative start-ups have nowadays are like they took off within months and they even go down that faster.

The reasons behind it are a lot, but the mistakes and scenarios are the same. We do know that the start-ups business usually have a team which is not only perfect for many things but also they lack few things.

Start-ups That Failed To Survive – Why?


Blagskart, Jewelskart, Watchkart

Have you ever heard of Lenskart before? Of course, you did, but did you ever heard of Blagskart, Jewelskart, Watchkart? That is because they launched together with the Lenskart, but these three ideas were not capable enough to attract the people in the E-commerce industry. Then the company decided to shut down the business and focus on the Lenskart.


Gozommo is one of the famous second-hand car buying services in India or was in India. The company raised millions of dollars from the investors but the company founders, later on, decided to return the money to the investors and they had shut down the Gozomo in 2015. The company founders said that the business model is not ready this market and them car validating system in India is good as Amerca’s, and they also informed that this business model might work after a decade or so.


Mumbai-based online meal provider has shut down their operations from all over India expect their hometown Mumbai. The company has faced many issues from the investing point of view and also the competitors giving them a hard time to follow up with the customers. We spoke to the TinyOwl marketing expert who has been involved into commercialization of it and he has reported that the company was not living up to the mark as the competitors were providing the same food for less prices.

Intelligent Interfaces

The founder of the started his second venture which had hit the market before we all knew about it. But what we understood from the response from the Clients and audience that the startup lacked many areas, and the CEO of the Housing has decided to shut down the business. The business model which Rahul Yadav came up with is not sustainable and also is too early to the Indian market.


iTiffin is a Bangalore based meal provider, and they have been doing great ever since they have launched the business in Bangalore, but they have failed to live up to the mark, and the company has been shut down. The reasons are unknown because the founders have not revealed much. But we do realize that the business model was not sustainable.


It is difficult to understand why start-ups fail but it is also important to learn from it. Implementation and understanding the product from the customers perception is also important.

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