Smart Credit Card: Best Low Interest Credit Card

The use of credit cards as a financial instrument has seen tremendous global growth in the past few decades.However,  in India the use of credit cards is quite low as compared to many other countries. One of the reasons for this is Indian population isstill unaware of the benefits that modern credit cards offer.You feel a sense of protection knowing that you have an option to use your credit card if there is an emergency.

For your credit card to work smoothly on a monthly basis, choosing the right credit card partner is the key.When it comes down to calculating the interests, finding the perfect low interest credit card is a hassle. It requires a lot of research-based homework to reach a suitable conclusion.This article will help you understand the world of credit cards better and also give you knowledge that can help you find the best smart credit card partners.

Credit Card Features and the Facilities to Look For


There is a lot of noise in the credit card market. Banks and financial institutions have sales teams and great advertisement budgets to attract people towards their credit cards. While most of these advertisements and credit card features seem attractive, it’s important to keep things in check before getting your card. There could be features that look attractive but might not be as much of use for you. Sometimes, we end up signing up for a card without understanding all its terms and conditions – this can give us a bitter experience. The simple way to start finding the right card for you is to look for the best low interest credit card. No credit card can claim to be good if its rate of interest is too high. Once you have that aspect sorted, here are a few other considerations to keep in mind:

  • EMI repayment plans: Smart Credit Card offers you a chance to Convert your eligible transactions into 3-month EMI and enjoy a 0.99% p.m. special interest rate with NIL processing Minimum interest rates and flexible periods along with no processing fee and additional charges are all that one needs to look for in a consumer-friendly credit card company.
  • Cashback schemes: Standard Chartered smart credit card, offers 2% (up to Rs 1000 per month) cashback on all online transactions. And for other modes of transaction, a cashback  of 1% (Up to Rs 500 per month) is made available for the cardholders.
  • Supplementary credit card options: A supplementary credit card is offered the members of the family, friends, and even other closed ones.

Low Interest Credit Card

Standard Charteredcredit cards come with unique options that make them convenient and stress-free financial means. Firstly, the process of linking your bank account with the credit card just takes a few seconds. Besides, its multilevel benefits such as balance transfer, loan, and EMI on the card are set out at a minimal rate of interest. For ease of conversion of the outstanding amount incurred through the card, the cardholders can avail of monthly instalments at the rate of 1.49%. Similarly, the transfer charges from the bank’s credit card to the SC credit card is minimal. And that is how the rate of interest vested with Standard Chartered is pocket friendly for customers.

Standard Chartered Bank has a great reputation in the market and the services they offer are top-notch too. Such reputed brands have a lot of their systems in place in order to give you the best assistance whenever you need help with your credit card.Having a good credit card partner such as Standard Chartered bank, of course, gives you financial benefits but moreover, it makes your life easy. That, in today’s world, is more important than anything else.

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