SBI Home Loan Interest Rate

People in India are interested to avail Home Loans to fulfil the dream of own home. One should consider the eligibility and be cautious about the self-assessment. Knowing the details about the home loan is easy to access the financial supplement of the individual. SBI home loans are ideal for the individuals who dream about having an independent house. The best procedures to be followed in home loan procedures are comparing home loans from all the banks. Check for the low interest home loan rates. Be cautious about the interest charge on the balance whether it is reducing or not. Most of the customers prefer SBI home loan interest rate for low pricing charges. Interest rates can vary depending on the individual’s portfolio.

The premium of the home loan should be cross checked for easy payment and low processing charges in SBI. The benefits of SBI home loan interest rate, does not include administrative charges or hidden cost of the bank. There is no prepayment of the home loan in SBI as well. Individuals availing home loan consider that SBI mentioned the best practices to add essence to the beautiful dream of the individual to avail a home loan.

Advantages of availing home loan from SBI are plenty with SBI home loan interest rate. These include reduction of interest burden by prepayment of the funds. One can avail more details about the procedure and can get the clarifications by visiting the nearest branch of SBI. Customers trust that transparency is maintained in the home loan from SBI. One can avail upto Rs 30. Lac at 0.25% above the base rate and the effective rate is 9.95% per annum. Individuals interested in taking loan above Rs 30. Lac at 0.40% above base rate and affective rate is 10.10% per annum.


Interested individuals can also go for home loans with EMI in lac per month. the individual interested to apply for a SBI home loan for 30 years should pay upto874 EMI at 9.95% interest per annum, 885 at 10.10% per annum if the loan is above 30 lacs. Person interested to take home loan for 25 years should pay an EMI in 905 at 9.95%, 916 at 10.10% for more than 30 lac rupees. Similarly deduction in number of years increases the count of EMI in SBI. Finally, it is customer’s choice to avail SBI home loan interest rate and the premium depending upon the requirement. The home loan is available even for 20 years with EMI as 962 at 9.95% and 972 EMI at 10.10% above 30 lacks. The customers avail 15 years with EMI as 1072 at 9.95% for Rs 30 lac and EMI as 1081 at 10.10% for more than Rs 30 lacs.

Are you looking to get a home loan? Not sure which bank to opt for? Allow me to tell you that SBI is the best when it comes to home loans. Not only the interest rates, but the service provided by folks working in this bank is just fabulous. Well, I don’t think there is any need of my explanation in this aspect, as we all know that it is the biggest bank in India.

The first thing that a person asks while opting for a home loan in any bank is the interest rate. In case you have made your mind to opt for SBI, or want to consider it, then you must be confused about what is SBI Home Loan Interest Rate, right? This question is quite natural to hit the mind, as after all, it’s the interest rate that works as the best deciding factor in taking home loans. Anyways, talking about the SBI Home Loan interest rate, let me tell you that it varies with the loan amount. The last change was brought in the month of February.

The SBI Home loan interest rate base rate is 9.70 percent per annum. This base rate is live with effect from 4th February, 2013. Up to amount of Rs. 30 lacs, the interest rate is 0.25 percent above base rate. Means, the effective rate is 9.95 p.a. The effective interest rate for the amount about 30 lacs is 10.10 p.a. Yeah, in this case, there is addition of 0.40 percent in the base rate. The effective rate in the both the cases is quite impressive, and is more than enough to catch one’s attraction.

Not only the interest rate is impressive, the service provided by SBI is commendable too. The friendly staff makes it easy to get loan from SBI. You can get all details about how to apply for loan by going to the nearest branch of SBI. If you don’t want to do that, then simply open up the SBI’s official website to perform the same task with ease.

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