PNB Home Loan Interest Rate

Punjab National Bank offers best practices even for normal variants. The bank offers loans for both normal and flexible variants. Individuals from 18 to 65 years are grouped under normal variants. The individuals after 50 years age considered in flexible variants.

Purpose of home loan:


Having an individual house is dream of every individual. To avail home most of the customers choose PNB home loan offered by the PNB bank. One can carry on to renovate their individual home by grabbing an opportunity from the bank. One should be cautious as the lenders are aware of lapse after 5 years on increase upto 20% on their original limit sanctioned.


Customers are attracted from PNB home loan interest rate as they are fixed. The repayment period is also longer upto 25 years. Individuals also can avail flexible repayment option from the bank after availing home loan. Customers are pleased to grab an opportunity to avail PNB home loans from the bank as there are no hidden charges for the home loan.

Interest rate:

Customers are curious about the interest rate of the home loan. The home loan upto Rs. 25Lacs have an interest rate as 20%. Above Rs. 25Lac is offered by PNB home loan interest rate at 25%.

Fee and Repayment details:

The customers are interested in knowing the details about the fee for home loan.

  • Stamp duty payable for loan agreements
  • Advocates fee for investigation and Legal Search report
  • Valuation report for individuals property
  • Credit Information report charges
  • pocket expenses for home loan depending upon specific case for individuals

Customer’s availing HDFC home loan upto Rs 300lakhs should pay 0.50% of the loan amount and Rs. 20000 along with taxes. Home loans about Rs. 300lakhs should pay Rs. 50000 along with taxes. Individuals should pay document charges of Rs. 1350/- along with taxes.

The repayment of HDFC home loans maximum of 25 years with 18 months for construction or purchase of the individual’s dream home.

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