Pan Card Status – The process to Track Pan Card Online (UTI Pan Status)

Nowadays, the pan card is an essential need!! If you are using the pan card, you have to know how to track the pan card status. To know more about it, keep reading this article and understand it. 

The PAN card refers permanent Account Number. People can use the pan card for various purposes. For example, by using the pan can check the various taxpayers easily. Usually, the pan card is having a unique number which is identifies something based on tax-paying. Once after using the pan card, you can get track facilities to know the pan card status. 

Importance of using PAN card


When it looks at pan cards, there are different types are accessible such as PAN cards for companies, Indian citizens, foreigners and foreign corporates. Using the pan card, you can purchase and sell the vehicle and use it when opening the bank account or depositing the amount.

uti pan status

Otherwise, when applying for the credit card and amount summing, you can use it. For cash deposit and DEMAT account opening, you can use the pan card. Otherwise, it is useful when applying for a business loan, selling and buying securities etc. 

Structure of PAN card:

The PAN card has a number which is a permanent account number. Even it has the full name, name of the father, DOB, photograph and signature. If you want to apply for PAN, you have to submit these details.

The required information in the pan card is most valuable, and the card has ten digits alphanumeric that taxpayers issue by the income tax department. People can apply for the pan card through UTIITSL. Check pan card status online is helps to brings more information to the pan cardholder. Once you have the pan card, then you can check it online. When you apply the pan or update the pan’s information, you can get the acknowledgement number, which helps to track the status of your pan easily. 

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Track the UTI PAN status online

If you are an applicant who is getting a PAN card through the UTI, you have to use the application number to check the status of your pan. By following the simple steps, you can get such as

  • Visit the official UTI website
  • Go into the application coupon number
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Enter the captcha code
  • Click on the submit button.
  • Here, you can get the status of your Pan application.

UTI PAN Status

For instance, if you are missing your pan card or theft your card means, then you can track the card easily by using the UTI site. If you are applied for a new Pan Card or duplicate Pan Card, you can find on the authorized website UTI. You can track UTI PAN Card status using the UTI website.

  • Foremost, visit the UTI website
  • On the home page, you have to choose the “Track your PAN” card option, which comes under the PAN cards menu or enter the 15 digit application coupon number.

uti pan status

  • Here, you will be redirected to the tracking page, and now you have to enter your PAN number.
  • Fill up the captcha code field.
  • Click to Submit

uti pan status

  • Now, track UPI PAN Status. 

If you forget or lost the acknowledgement code, don’t worry. You can receive it on UTI. In addition, you can track the status of the pan after 24 hours of applying for the card. Overall, the status of the pan card you can track easily online once after applying. Otherwise, the UTI pan status also helps you. 


Now, you can get clarification about checking the UTI pan status online. Everyone has to know the pan card. It is because the pan card is used highly than others. Ev PAN Card is compulsory for some specific financial transactions. Therefore, try to know how to track the pan card status

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