Palmer Administrative Services: A Consistent Industry Leader In Providing Value Auto Protection Plans

If you have a vehicle, you need to have coverages for your vehicle. And we are not talking about coverages that are mandatory, but those that will save you from hefty repair bills if and when something goes wrong with your vehicle.

However, the automotive industry today is practically overloaded with auto insurance companies and services all of whom are vying with each other for supremacy.  In such a scenario, it is anything but easy to establish yourself at a good height above your competition. Yet, if the numerous positive reviews they enjoy in many different auto-related forums are anything to go by, the Palmer Administrative Services have succeeded in doing exactly that.

Reviewers at these sites have commented on a number of positives of Palmer Administrative, Inc. Notable among these are excellent client support as well as initial customer service and consultation; convenient financing options; high flexibility in terms of plans; useful and practical bonuses or additional benefits attached to different plans; and, not the least of it, easy and hassle-free claims processing and payment.

Palmer Administrative Services Reviews

Palmer Administrative is a BBB accredited business and the company has been providing reliable coverage services to motorists for over 30 years. It is also a fully insured company backed by ‘A’ rated insurers.

At Present, the company offers six different auto protection plans, also called vehicle service contracts, to its customers. These plans are designed keeping in mind various different requirements of the car owners. For example, if you own an old car (which perhaps you plan to discard in a few years’ time), obviously you wouldn’t want to go for an extensive coverage plan and pay hefty premiums thereby. So, there is the Basic Plan that provides coverage for the engine only, which is, after all, the most important component of any and all vehicles.

Palmer Administrative Services

On the other hand, if you have a brand-new luxury car sitting in your garage, you would hate to see anything go wrong with it. In such cases, Palmer has on offer costlier plans such as the Elite Exclusionary Plan or the Royal Select Plan. The former is the costliest option but it also provides the highest amount of coverage. Save aesthetic or external items such as paint, upholstery, light bulbs, or luxury electronics, everything else in your car comes under the aegis of the Elite Exclusionary Plan. The Royal Select, on the other hand, provides cover for all car components except the turbocharger. And next in the line is the Premier Plan that covers all components except the turbocharger, steering, brakes system, suspension, cooling system, and ABS brakes system.

In addition to these, there are still another two plans—Classic and Powertrain, both midway plans that are more pocket-friendly compared to the above three plans. Many reviews on Palmer Administrative Services express satisfaction with this flexibility in terms of coverage as also with the coverage the plans provide and at the prices they provide it.

We have already mentioned that the reviews seem especially happy with the smooth and easy claims processing of the company. But other reviews also make positive mention of the many value-added features that come as part of different plans. Among these, the customers appear most pleased with the ‘Transferable Coverage’ and the ‘No Restriction Claims’ features. The former allows the policyholder to transfer the current policy to the new buyer if at any time he decides to sell his car. The next feature, namely No Restriction Claims (you can make as many claims as you require before the policy expires), is even better appreciated by the reviewers.

Other benefits that receive repeated mentions in the reviews include trip interruption protection, lockout assistance, car rental, and roadside assistance. For more information on plans and benefits offered by the Palmer Administrative Services, please visit the company website at

As for reviews on the company, a good place to start is the BBB page of the Palmer Administrative Services, Inc.

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