Office Space in Canberra – Fundamental Tips that will Benefit your Business

When choosing an office space for your Canberra business, there’s a whole host of elements to consider before ever getting close to signing a lease. So much so, that the whole process may even be a little daunting. Everything from the types of leases on offer, to securing a space that meets all of your business’s requirements, to costs and the amenities available will all come into play. When it’s time to find office space in Canberra – Servcorp Australia offer serviced offices and are experts at making the whole process more streamlined for you.

When selecting an office space, you need to be certain you’re making the right choice for your business. It pays to take the time to consider all your options and while you might be really excited and extremely focused on getting your business off the ground, don’t move too quickly and end up with an office space that doesn’t benefit your business.

Discover more about how you can secure an office space in Canberra that will both serve and complement your business with these tips.

Location is Key


Location, location! It’s a well-known phrase for a reason and certainly, office space is not exempt. Being in a central location where people can easily reach and access your business will be very important to reach a new client base, existing clients, and even potential business partners.

With a prestigious Canberra CBD address in areas like the National Circuit or Phillip Law Street, you can show your clients that you’re taking your business seriously. Basing yourself in the centre of the action will be of huge benefit to your business.

Amenities and Access

Your office space will need to have all the required amenities to truly benefit your business. If your business needs a high-speed internet connection and state of the art meeting rooms to thrive, then it wouldn’t be very wise to choose a space that doesn’t have access to these services.

Similarly, your office should be easily accessible so that your clients can reach your place of business with ease. If it’s awkward for them, then potential customers could take their business elsewhere.

Do your Business Need Flexibility?

Should you end up signing a long-term lease for your office space, then you lose a certain degree of flexibility as you’ll be locked into a legally binding contract. Should your business grow and expand quickly then you won’t have the freedom to move to a more suitable premises to upsize. Similarly, should the opposite happen, you can’t downsize and you’re bound by law to pay the rent for the term you agreed upon. If flexibility is important for you, then a long-term lease is not going to benefit your business.

Consider Size and Space

It’s important to choose an office with the required amount of space you need to carry out your business comfortably. You also need to consider the future of your business if you’re entering into a long-term lease for your office.

Choosing a place with extra space may cost money right now on excess rent, however, this could be a wise move if you feel your business will grow quickly and it will save you an expensive relocation in the future. However, this could be a risky move if your business plan doesn’t work out as you had hoped and you could have rented less space at a lower cost. Either way, you could be locked into a long-term lease so choosing the correct size and space you need with some clever forward planning can only benefit your business.

Benefit your Business with a Serviced Office

In order to truly benefit your business when it comes to office space, the most important factors are location, access to amenities, flexibility and freedom to grow as well as the correct space to work.

By choosing a serviced office you’ll instantly have all of these factors at your disposal. As well as top class 5 star office fit outs you’ll gain instant access to a fully functional, staffed office space in a prestigious location in Canberra’s CBD. Serviced offices also come equipped with all the amenities you need to run a successful business such as state of the art meeting rooms and top-notch IT services. Monthly contracts are available giving you the utmost flexibility to grow your business your way.

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