Office Furniture Reimagined

Now that many employees are working from home, businesses are reducing the square footage of their office space. This has led to a surplus of office furniture for sale online.

Office Furniture Reimagined

Traditionally, office furniture is pretty boring. But if you have some time on your hands and are looking for a project, there are countless opportunities to reimagine office furniture into truly unique custom pieces for your home. Here are some creative ways to use traditional furniture in a cool new way.

File Cabinets


Used office file cabinets have an industrial look that is very hot right now. Short file cabinets can be paired up and used as pedestals for a unique desk with tons of storage. Choose a nice desktop and picture frame molding around the file drawers to soften the look and make it look cohesive. You can swap out the handles and use paint to create the perfect desk for your home.

A single file drawer can be repurposed into a dog feeding station. Cut two circles into the top to hold food and water bowls, and use the interior for food storage. A fresh coat of paint, and you have your own unique, compact design.

Cubicle Wall Panels

While many are staying out of the office, lots of learning is being done at home. Most people do not have a home office for every kid in the house, so take advantage of cubicle walls for sale. Cubicle walls can be reupholstered with fun fabric and placed in kids’ bedrooms to designate a learning space. Fabric can be swapped out for a corkboard or even plywood painted with chalk paint.


Credenzas can be made into beautiful home bars. Start by replacing solid cabinet doors with glass doors. This is where you can display your glassware. Other cabinets or file drawers can be removed. Fill the space with wine rack storage. Don’t be afraid to paint the top of the bar a different color than the bottom. This adds to the custom look of the piece. If it still looks too much like office furniture for your liking, you can add a different top to the bar which extends a few inches past the base.

Custom pieces can be expensive to buy, and building furniture from scratch is difficult. By purchasing used office furniture, you can take advantage of the structure and have fun with the design. These pieces will end up being the favorite ones in your house.

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