Most Common Credit card Fraud Activities

Most Common Credit card Fraud Activities

Credit card usage is increasing dad by day as they are providing the easiest way of shopping with any risk. Follow credit card tips provided to avoid issues and to protect your card. Do not share your Credit card details to your close friends also through social media as they are the simplest way of hacking your details. Do sign on the back of your Credit card as soon as you get the card and this will save you if any misuse happens. Periodically try to change your PIN and Passwords.

Frauds will find many ways to cheat and it is easy for them to hack your details if you are careless. Sometimes you will receive a call or message that you are selected for some Travel package or some gift scheme and will ask for your account and credit card details. These are Fraud calls they will try to collect all your information to hack your account and Credit card details. This is the most common situation and any bank is not responsible for such cases.

Some other Fraud activities:

  • Do not share your account or Credit card details on phone or through social media websites.
  • After transaction make sure that your card is with you and keep an eye on your surroundings to save your PIN details.
  • Report immediately to bank customers if you notice any unknown transactions from your card.
  • Do sign on the back side of your credit card so that no one else use your card without your sign unless and until your sign matches.
  • Call or intimate to bank if you lost your card so that they will block particular card and no one can misuse.
  • It is the account holder responsible for Fraud activities and not company/bank. As bank will pay your credits you have to pay to bank later at any cause.

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