Money back Insurance Policy and its Importance in Life

Whatever insurance policies are very less when compared to foreign countries. The kind of policies and offers available there are not available in India. But whatever have are best enough if we use it in a proper way. Out of all insurance policies money back policy most flexible and feasible that most people prefer to take this policy. From this policy insured person gets some prescribed percentage of amount assured at regular intervals along with getting the lump sum amount at the end of the term. It policy is applicable for risk averse. In case of death of the insured person, their responsibility gets fulfilled as nominee gets the entire sum assured.

Name itself indicated that we get some limited amount at regular intervals along with huge amount at the end if the policy term. This policy is specially meant for fulfilling some long term goals like studies. Instead of waiting till the end of the policy we get amount at regular intervals also. For instance if you have a policy for which we have to pay monthly premium amount of 1500 INR than you have to chance to get 30,000 for every five years. Tax benefit for money back insurance policy is not as much as expected.

This policy can be useful if started as early as possible. This policy gives proper planning to the person and provides course of his life with a sum that is expected in regular intervals. This amount can be specially used for plans such as children’s education, children’s marriage and can be executed in a better way with the help of this insurance policy. This policy not only provides money back but also acts as social security in insured person’s entire life.

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