Lies That Can Help You Manage And Make Money

Not everyone person is working all the time, many of us have lives where we cannot manage two things at once, and we end up mismanage things, which is not acceptable in professional life. Those who cannot handle leads to Poor Performance, Average Results and worst of all Termination.

Sometimes we lie and escape, but it becomes a habit which people will recognize once you are done with it. The day when people realize it, you will be called a liar, and it’s not good for professionals. Let’s teach you few lies you can you which will not harm you, others not the work and it will help you when you need it the most. It will not only get you out of the awkward situation but also help you get better offers later on.

Lies That Can Help You Manage And Make Money.


1. “Traffic Was Horrible.”

One of the common things you can find as an excuse is “I’m sorry, and I had to go toe toe with the traffic,” well practically the fact is that you overslept and you have ended up waking up late than arrive the office a little late than before. You cannot blame it on yourself because you are working hard and you had a hectic day, so you have the right to take a little more resr to keep up your strength.

2. “Got Pump Busted Open, Need Plumber.”

One of the common factors is that you are exhausted and needs a day off, well everyone needs a day off in their lives. Sometimes more than one day is not enough because it is ideal for you to come down to one place and have some time for your mind to rest. One day off is not enough you can simply use excuses which do not need any paper proof or prove that you are on it.

You can email your boss night before the day because you will let your boss informed that you were busy and needed attention to the personal issues.

3. “I’m Working on That Right Now, in Fact!”

Remote work always comes in handy because you are not only spending time with your family as well as you are also working. The not every client knows how you manage time for your work and other projects, so they ask you to do a speculation and work on the project correctly. You boss mighty ask you to work on it, and sometimes push you little which is not an ideal equation for any business or an employee. You can tell your boss that you are working on that right now. You can deliver it by the time they ask for it.

4. “I’ve Got a Commitment to Keep.”

Leadership skills are something almost everyone lacks, keeping everyone together and networking is the best part of leadership. Everyone expects a leader to work and help other but an even manager needs some time off, you get an invitation where the annoying EVENT managers ask you to join, and you just cannot do that because you are not interested in it.

It would be rude to say that “Oh boy it’s annoying, I cannot join you guys”, that is rude but what you can say is “I have urgent work to finish, I got a prior commitment”, anyone from professional buys this story as they really have that kind of work.

5. I’ll Get Back to You

There is always one in the group who ask your favor which you cannot fulfill, and the coolest part is that you can simply ward it off by saying “Yeah, sure I’ll see what I can do and get back to you”, then when you have some spare time you can look into that and give the advice or whatever the function is asked you to do.


What i have explained is that the basics of business and professional life, which can help you understand, reply, and get attention from the influences around you. Remember, using these also mean that you will have to do the task later but finish them on time, that is when it will workout.

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