Is it a good idea to invest in early stage marketplaces?

In the past, investing was reserved for the wealthy and the big VC funds. But in recent years, the situation seems to be changing for the better, and now even people with smaller amounts of money can easily find various opportunities suitable for them. Crowdfunding and tokenized venture capital assets traded on platforms like VNX Exchange are revolutionising the market and creating new possibilities.

With the rising popularity of online marketplaces, many investors turned to them in these past few years and decided that they offer a big chance of seeing profits. But while there seems to be a general agreement on the matter, investing in early stage marketplaces is a bit more tricky. Is it really such a good idea as people try to make you believe? And what are the things you have to consider before making your final decision?


You can’t forget about the risks


All investments carry risks. If someone tells you that putting money in their company will definitely bring you profits, they are just desperately trying to convince you. It’s normal, every business needs funds to operate, and every entrepreneur will try to show the best sides of the offer. Yet, you cannot let yourself be swayed by grand visions of future growth if all the signs are pointing the other way. Of course, if you have a lot of money to spare, investing in a company you believe in, even if it has only a small chance of succeeding, is absolutely fine. But if you’re putting your life savings on the line, you should think twice about it. It may be a better idea to go with options that give you a bigger possibility of seeing the profits in the future.

Research the market before making your decision

Before you make your final decision, you should try to get as much information about the market as possible. This is the only way to be able to judge whether a specific venture has a chance of advancing further in the field. If you know someone with experience and knowledge about the industry you’re interested in, it may be a good idea to ask for their advice. Getting a fresh look at the matter and an objective opinion will help you with finding the best way to move forward. Plus, learning more about other similar businesses will allow you to see whether there is even a place for a new company offering the same kind of services.

Try to think like a client for a minute

Even the best-thought venture in the world won’t succeed if its profits can be seen only on paper. Several factors need to come together to build a successful business – high quality of products and services, demand, and interest from the public among them. If there already is an established company with many satisfied customers and good reviews, it’ll be difficult for a new one to attract people to its offer without adding anything innovative to the table. So before you choose to make your investment, ask yourself a question – would I be willing to pay for this as a client? If the answer is no, there’s no reason to assume other people will think differently, and you should probably start looking for a different opportunity to invest.

Investing in early stage marketplaces is a good idea if you invest in the markets that offer a place for future growth. But as it’s a risky venture, you shouldn’t place all your money in a single startup. And remember to only invest funds you can afford to lose.

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