Important Life Lessons Akshay Kumar’s Pad Man Taught Us

In the movie “Padman”, Akshay Kumar, logically points at the stigma that our society nurtures. Apart from providing us with entertainment at its best, the movie taught us several lessons. Continue reading to know about those important lessons that everyone should inculcate in his or her lives.

Encourages Frugal Thoughts


There is a difference between being a miser and a person with frugal thoughts. A miser is one who will never spend a penny on even if there is a need to spend. Being frugal, on the other hand, means living most simply to save more for future. In short, it means, trying to make money available when you have emergencies. Instead of borrowing from others, such as banks and relatives, it is better to have money safe for future.

Think About Your Family

Usually, we see men involved in outdoor activities such as earning for the family and fulfilling the home requirements. In this movie, we see how Akshay Kumar advocates equality and fights for it. According to him, men and women are equal. He cared for his wife’s comfort, helped her in the household chores and making life easy for her. No matter what the society felt about the social problem of menstruation, he was the first to think about the safety and hygiene of girls in his village including his wife and sisters.  He had to face the criticism of the society; however, those obstacles did not stop him from making it hygienic period for the girls. The movie gives a blow to male chauvinism.

Don’t Follow Herd Mentality

Herd mentality is what a person follows when a group follows. It is like a herd of cattle grazing in one direction. Of course, the movie Padman encourages unique thinking ability. When you follow the herd mentality, you disappear and can’t make a difference to the society. Being like Akshay Kumar helps. He followed what he felt is right. Eventually, he won the fight.

Don’t Go after Expensive Things Only

Here, your frugal thought will be at its best use. You do not have to buy everything expensive. You can buy similar products at a price much cheaper than what you spend otherwise. For example, the sanitary pad Akshay Kumar buys in the movie is worth Rs 50. Later, he sells the same sanitary pad for Rs 2. The quality and hygiene factors were intact despite the fact that the cost was lesser. The capacity to spend should depend on your income and savings scheme. If you earn less, you should avoid buying items that are way beyond your reach. Looking for budget-friendly items will fulfil your need.

Few Things are Essential for the Quality of Life

Every essential item need not be expensive. For example, regular healthcare products and basic insurance covers. These essentials need not always be expensive. Staying healthy to avoid health risks is one such life essential. The movie portrays how women compromised on their quality of life. Genital infection is quite common in women due to this unhygienic practice. However, there are certain illnesses which can affect almost anyone, and there is no other option than to stay prepared for the treatment. For example, Cancer. Although curable cancer may push, even a financially well-off family, few years behind due to expensive treatment. However, with a cancer insurance plan, you can stay prepared at a much lower cost.

Health is Wealth!

The truth is we compromise on the quality of our life and offer an invitation to health risks. We need to understand that few things are essential for the quality of life. Staying healthy to avoid health risks is one such life essential. Buying the best critical illness cover can prove to be a financial companion when you need it the most. The movie “Padman” questioned the stereotypical thought process of the society on health, hygiene and men-women relationship. We should inculcate the lessons in our life to make it a better place to live.

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