How Your Phone Can Help You Budget

We use our phones for just about everything. It’s our entertainment system when we’re bored, letting us watch a Netflix’s Luke Cage on the bus or listen to The Nerdist podcast while we grocery shop. It’s our personal assistant, making sure we get up on time and remember important business meetings. It’s our way of keeping in touch with the important people in our lives. And now, it can be our very own financial advisor.

It doesn’t matter what kind of phone you have. Whether it’s a 1st generation Moto G or the latest iPhone 7 Plus, you can use your smartphone to unlock a surprising number of life hacks that keep you on your financial tracks. Keep reading to learn how you can unlock the best tips and tricks your cell has to offer.

Budget & Monitor Your Finances


Apps like Mint and Level Money make it easier to keep track of your money than ever before. Both are readily available for iOs and Android and take relatively little memory to operate. With over 1.5 million people logging in, Mint is by the most popular financial app in the US. Once you give it permission to link your accounts, it will streamline your various financial holdings into one convenient place. It will send notifications about bills and other important withdrawals, so you’re more likely to pay your responsibilities on time. You can also take advantage of the app’s built-in budget feature to help you achieve your financial goals.

Level Money will also need to synch up with your accounts in order to monitor your spending habits. The modern app is based on the old-fashioned money saving strategy using envelopes. The envelope system would force you to take out enough cash for your weekly responsibilities and divide it into labelled envelopes like rent, groceries, and even miscellaneous. Level Money has digitized this process, deducting costs from each category until you’ve reached zero. With a swipe of your finger, you can see how much you have left to spend and stop yourself when you’ve reached your limit.

There are also a variety of apps that can help you check your credit score, compare stock options, and any number of financial tasks. Taking a look at lists of the top financial apps can help you find out the best ones for your needs.

Keep Specials& Coupon in Your Back Pocket

Don’t exit out of the Apple or Play Store just yet. There are plenty of more apps that can help you save money by offering you the latest deals and coupons at your favorite stores. RetailMeNot is just one of these apps that connects you with over 50,000 retailers in the country, so you can shave off a few dollars when you find yourself needing to buy something.

You can also use Grocery IQ when you make a trip to the grocery store. This iOs and Android friendly app helps you create shopping lists that synch up with the available specials at your grocery store. All you have to do is input your grocery chain and create a list, and it’ll do the hard work of couponing for you.

Read up on Financial Information

By clicking on Safari and Chrome, you can find an astounding number of educational resources that can help you pick up financial tricks. Assistance comes from a variety of places, everywhere from the US government website to a small dollar lender’s site. In fact, if you’ve already used short term loans in the past, these lenders can provide invaluable budgeting tips that make sense for people in your financial situation. Take for example, the lenders at MoneyKey. The MoneyKey Blog hosts inexpensive ways to spend your time, offers up tax advice, and shares their own top financial apps for saving money.

Pay Bills With a Swipe of a Finger

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to miss a payment. Anyone who has forgotten to pay a bill knows that when they do they’re hit with added interest and overdue fines. The average American deals with 12 bills every month. If you’re late on every one of these, the fines can add up.To avoid this from happening you can use your bank’s app to take advantage of online banking. Sending e-transfers can eliminate wasted time that you would normally spend mailing off a check. You can also enable automatic minimum payments on your bills to make sure you avoid fines even if you forget when something’s due.

When nearly 70% of adults in America have a smartphone, most of us are already glued to our screens.  We might as well use them to our advantage. If you’ve decided to get a handle on your finances, it’s time you log out of Facebook Messenger and exit out of Candy Crush. Turn your smartphone into a financial tool, and you’ll see the savings come rolling in.

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