How to Win an Insurance Claim

The majority of us have insurance for one thing or another.  From home insurance to health insurance and car insurance, we want to make sure that we are protected in the worst-case scenario.  However, making a claim on an insurance policy isn’t always easy and some people find themselves dissatisfied by the whole process.  Because of this, we’ve written a guide that should help ensure you do as much as possible to win your claim.

1. Check Your Insurance Policy


The first thing you’ll want to do is check your insurance policy to be certain it covers the incident that occurred.  You may find that your policy is fiddled with loopholes or full of hard to understand information.  If in doubt, seek expert advice.

2. Follow the Instructions in Your Policy

To win a claim, you need to follow the instructions in your policy.  Your provider may require a claim to be submitted within a certain timeframe.  They may also require you to phone them and report the incident.  Be sure to follow all of their instructions to the letter.

3. Be Honest

The quickest way to lose your insurance claim is to be dishonest.  Don’t be tempted to exaggerate your claim for a larger payout.  Not only could this lead to a prison sentence, but it could also lead to you losing the whole claim if the insurance provider discovers that you were lying.

4. Be Thorough

Insurance providers will ask for a lot of information before making a decision on your claim.  So, when filing, ensure that you include as much information as you possibly can.  The closer to the incident that you do this, the more you will remember.  It’s up to you to prove your claim is valid.

5. Chase for Updates

Some insurance providers are quite happy to drag the claims process out because delaying payments will boost their profits.  Because of this, you should ensure you stay on top of your claim and chase them regularly for updates.

6. Appoint an Expert

If you are struggling with the claims process, or don’t believe it is going in the way that you hoped, consult an expert attorney. If you’re struggling to find somebody, take a look at the services offered by David R. Heil PA at who has 30 years of experience in civil trial law and works on a no win no fee basis. Not only will a professional like this be able to help you through the claims process, but they will help to ensure you receive the full payout that you deserve.

7. Don’t Expect to Cash In

The whole point of an insurance policy is to place you in the position you were in before the incident occurred.  While in most cases people end up worse off, due to policy excesses, it’s unlikely you’ll end up better off afterward.  Don’t expect to cash in and you won’t be disappointed.

8. Remember You Can Appeal

If the claim doesn’t go as you had hoped, remember that you can file an appeal.  It is always best to have expert help should you go down this route.  You can also file a complaint with the insurance company and this may help to speed up the resolution of your claim.

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