How to Tackle a Medical Emergency Without Spoiling Your Future Plans?

In the 80s and 90s, one visit to the doctor or hospital, for that matter didn’t cause harm to your pockets. Sadly, the current scenario is different. Today, rising medical costs and the widespread proliferation of ailments can disturb the household budget of any individual.

Life is never a smooth and joyful ride. You never know when it would throw googly at you and derails your ‘well planned’ journey– a medical emergency is a ‘googly’ which you might not have expected or planned for. Even a simple medical test can cost a bomb nowadays, and if it is an emergency, the expenses are bound to grow.

Though you can think of taking help from your friends or family; it is possible that they might not have enough money to help you.

Even your health insurance policy might not cover all your medical expenses. To add to the muddle, the paperwork can eat away your time— an obvious enemy at the time of medical emergency.

Unfortunately, change in lifestyle habits, and high stress levels have troubled even a young and healthy (or at least he/she thinks so!) person.

Though, medical emergencies are unpleasant, they are the reality of the life. If you do not act carefully, it can easily obliterate all the money that you have saved. In such a trying situation which demands huge money, your safest bet is— apply for personal loan. Why? Here are the reasons-

  1. No need of security= A personal loan is an unsecured loan which doesn’t require any collateral or guarantors. It means you can get a personal loan for meeting your medical expenses without pledging your assets. It makes it an apt choice to deal with an emergency.
  1. Simple process= Thanks to the hassle-free application mechanism adopted by financial institutions like Aditya Birla Finance Limited, you can fill your loan application form from the comfort of your house. It means, without visiting the branch office in person, you can apply for personal loan in a few clicks, and if everything goes as per the standards, you can get your loan amount within 3-4 days.
  1. Easy loan repayment schedule= Here customer is the king. It means the loan repayment schedule can be decided by the person availing the loan on the basis of his/her repayment ability. It is easy to repay the loan by opting for the EMI modes of payment. If you’re worried about the loan amount and tenure, sit back and relax. With a personal loan, you get both the benefits!
  1. Coverage for a wide range of medical ailments= There are no restrictions placed on the type of medical ailments or surgeries that can be covered under a personal loan. Though, you can use a personal loan to cover the entire medical treatment, it can also be used to cover initial medical expenditure.
  1. Avail without disclosing reasons= Unlike other loan options, you don’t need to cite reasons for availing the personal loan. It means, without unveiling your disease, you can apply for personal loan. Further, even you have not utilized the loan amount completely; you can use the remaining money for purposes other than medical treatment.
  1. Foreign treatment is covered= If you’re planning to get yourself checked at a hospital situated abroad, a personal loan is the best way to fund both your foreign medical and travel expenses. The lender will not ask the purpose of availing the loan, and therefore, you can use the amount to finance all your abroad expenses without limitations.

Moreover, you can take this loan to fund your dental and elective procedures, like nose surgery, braces, liposuction, etc.; Such procedures may require heavy financial investment, but a personal loan will be able to withstand all the costs.

Medical emergencies come unannounced. The dire need for medical may pop up at any time. During such times, relying on a personal loan is the right way to get the best treatment without worrying about the medical expenses.

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