How to Start an Online Store?

Do you want to start but do not know how? Would you like to build your own business and make money online? Surely, regardless of whether you are working for someone else, studying, or doing housework, you are probably not fully satisfied and you are looking for something more.

Many experts in business creation on the internet say that it is perfectly possible to create a solid and sustainable online business from scratch. However, perhaps you have read innumerable blogs, articles, books, among others, about the adventure of starting your own business and, despite all the techniques you have learned, you still feel paralyzed. To start an online store, it is important that you know one of the most frequent mistakes made by potential entrepreneurs who are preparing to launch their first online business, is that they confuse the essence or the background of their business with digital marketing channels to promote their products or services.

In other words, entrepreneurs focus primarily on the tool they will use to move their products or services to an audience, such as a blog, a podcast, a YouTube video channel or a mobile app which are not usually businesses in themselves, instead of defining the general theme of your online business in the first place, which represents the first fundamental pillar for the creation of a successful online business.

Defining the Industry:


Your business’ topic may be related to your professional career, your academic experience or your personal experiences. For example, it may be about beauty, sports, computers, vehicles, among others. It is important that the subject is something that you are passionate about, that you enjoy doing, so that you can maintain perseverance and tenacity since most of the time things do not go as you expect when you are starting out and need to keep going, regardless of the initial obstacles. Likewise, you must have a broad knowledge about the subject of your business, know more about the subject than the average person (not necessarily be an expert).

If you are one of those people who consider that you have nothing valuable to contribute, simply because you have not completed a professional career or have no professional experience, it is time to change your way of thinking. Perhaps your life has been marked by a series of personal circumstances and experiences that other people have not gone through, from which you can take advantage to show and teach others through a product or service, or just think about what you do very well and exploit the gift that you carry inside, materializing through your business idea.

Establishing the Target Audience:

The next step to start an online store and make money off it is to decide which people may be interested or benefit from your professional, academic or personal experience through your business. One of the keys to build a solid business, regardless of the area you work in, is to know intimately your target audience, and for this you must first define it as accurately as possible. On the other hand, the more people your target audience includes and the greater their financial capacity, the greater the economic potential of your business, but it all has to come naturally and without trying to force it.

Once the type of business and the target audience is defined, it is essential to think about how to provide solutions to said audience’s needs. That is, how are you going to help that particular group of people within your market business to achieve something in particular, solve a problem or overcome any obstacle through your products or services; which is the basis of any successful business of any shape or form. In addition, you must establish a differential value proposal that allows that public to choose you instead of your competition, such as offering your customers discounts on shipping or even free shipping.

While it is true, there is no single way to start an online store, there are many ways to do it. However, if you take into account the factors mentioned above (thematic of your business, target audience and value proposal) in the planning of your online business you will have the bases to start creating a successful online business.

Defining the Themes:

Now, defining the theme of your business facilitates the choice of a good name and domain (web address), which is essential in an online store. Both the name and the domain should be easy to remember and write, thus becoming short and descriptive.

In addition, the domain must contain a keyword that helps positioning the store in the search engines. Once the domain and name are defined, the following steps for the creation of your online store are either choosing a good hosting company which implies an investment to have your store available 24 hours a day, or resort to a service of online stores like that has everything you need so that you only have to dedicate yourself to sell.

Next, you should think about the structure of your store, that is, make a list with the products or services to offer and group them by category, prepare the logo of your store and adapt the description of the store since the content is key to differentiate you and stand out in an incredibly crowded competition. It is not exclusively about what you share with your customers, but how you share it.

It is also recommended that you include all possible payment methods in your online store, such as online payments through PayPal or your bank’s cards. In the same way you must offer different shipping options so that your customers feel safe when buying a product.

Finally, you can choose the most appropriate communication channel to transfer your products or services to your audience. Depending on your message, your market business theme, and the profile of the people that make up your audience, certain channels may be more appropriate than others. In order to maximize your chances of attracting attention, it is advisable to share your content or products periodically through a blog or web page and also through an alternative channel, such as an audio podcast or a YouTube channel.

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