How To Reduce Your Heating and Energy Costs

There are a lot of simple ways that you can reduce the cost of heating your home. For instance, one of the easiest ways to cut back on your expenses is by turning your thermostat down by a single degree. You may be surprised by just how much money you can save on an annual basis with this relatively minor change.

Another way to cut back on your expenses is by dressing appropriately for the weather. Wearing warm clothes when you are at home can make it easier to keep the thermostat set at a cooler temperature, saving you money in the long run.

Consider switching to a low-flow showerhead. Regular showerheads use a ton of water, which can make your water heater work overtime. Today’s low-flow shower heads are designed to reduce the amount of water that is used during a typical shower without sacrificing water pressure in the process.

Develop Energy-Efficient Cooking Habits


You can also save money by making changes to your cooking habits. For instance, any time you are going to be using your oven, consider whether or not you could cook multiple dishes at the same time. You may be able to prepare multiple meals for the same week with a single baking session.

You can also use the residual heat that is left over in your oven to help heat your home. All that you have to do is crack the oven door after you are done cooking. There is no point in letting that heat go to waste. Instead, let it out into your space so that your furnace doesn’t have to work quite as hard.

If you have a dishwasher, don’t bother pre-rinsing your dishes. Instead, just scrape away any large food particles and load the dishes straight into the dishwasher.

Make sure that your refrigerator and freezer are always fully stocked. It is easier for a refrigerator to maintain the correct temperature when it is full. If you have a lot of empty space in your freezer, your fridge will have to work harder to maintain the temperature, wasting energy in the process.

Think about the cooking pans that you use. Make sure that they are sized appropriately for the amount of food that you are planning on cooking like the pros do. Additionally, match up the pan to the burner size. Using a small burner for small pans and a larger burner for larger pans is the most efficient way to cook. 

Cut Back On Laundry-Related Energy Usage

Washing clothes in hot water can significantly add to your monthly heating bill. You can easily reduce this expense by washing your clothing in cold water instead. Even if an item’s care tag suggests washing it in hot water, it will most likely do fine if you wash it in cold water instead.

Another great way to save energy is by hanging your laundry to dry rather than relying on a clothes dryer. This technique is especially effective during the warm summer months when you can hang your clothes outside.

You can reduce the amount of time that you have to spend ironing your clothes by removing them from the dryer a little bit early while they are still slightly damp. This makes ironing fast and easy while at the same time reducing the amount of energy that is used drying your clothes.

Reduce The Amount Of Energy Used By Your Appliances

Any time your appliances are not in use, consider unplugging them from the wall. Many appliances continue to use energy even when they are turned off. And easy way to make sure that your appliances aren’t drawing excess energy is by using a power strip rather than plugging them straight into the wall. That way, you can just turn off the power strip to ensure that all energy to the appliance is turned off.

Try to get your whole family involved in the energy-saving process. You can even turn it into a game by having your kids try to find areas of your home that could be more energy-efficient. You can help cut costs if the tariff you have is cheaper, Simply Switch can help with that.

Other Helpful Tips For Saving Energy

Opening up your curtains on a sunny day is a great way to allow extra heat into your home. Once the sun dips below the horizon, however, you should close your curtains back up again. This will help keep the heat inside your home.

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