How to Prepare for Class 12 English?

Apart from the excitement of getting out of school, Class 12 also brings along stress and anxiety. This stress is due to the upcoming Board Exams that each student has to appear for in order to graduate from their high school. Class 12 Board Exams are an important part of every student’s educational journey. The results of their exams are the main factor that determines their future. Admissions into the course and college of their choice simply depend on how well the students perform in the Class 12 Board Exams. So, it is natural that students feel a large amount of stress during their preparation before the exams.

English is one of the main subjects for everyone throughout the school. Students need to study English in school as a subject for many purposes. While it is one of the most used means of communication, the curriculum followed by schools includes various topics that help students understand a variety of life values. English grammar taught in various classes provides an understanding of the rules that help us frame meaningful sentences which are useful in our daily lives. The syllabus for literature has such a vast variety in teaching students about different situations and how to deal with them if we ever find ourselves in similar ones. The curriculum in all classes also includes writing exercises meant to provide students with an understanding of the appropriate language used on different occasions.

We just discussed the importance held by Class 12 Exams and English as a subject in schools. When we talk about English in Class 12, the combined importance rises since students must score well in their Class 12 English Board Exam. This is because when the final result is calculated during admissions into college, English is always a part of the best four since it is one of the main language subjects for students from every subject stream. Thus, students must put an equal amount of focus on studying English as they would for any other subject. 

However, there are times when you may face difficulty in understanding certain topics that are a part of Class 12 English syllabus even after putting all of your focus into it. This can lead to more stress before the exams since an incomplete understanding will have negative effects on your performance and the final results. Although, you do not need to worry anymore because we are here to provide some important preparatory tips to help students enhance their performance in the Class 12 English Board Exam. Following these easy tips will help you achieve a strong grip on the subject, providing higher chances of scoring full marks in the exam. These tips include:

  • Refer to NCERT Books

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) prescribes books published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training, also known as NCERT, for all classes and subjects including Class 12 English. The NCERT Books Class 12 English strictly adheres to the syllabus provided by CBSE and the literature section in the Board Exam will also be strictly based on the NCERT. Hence, students must base their preparation on these books only. A thorough reading of all chapters in the NCERT Books can provide a strong base for the students.

  • Solve questions provided in the NCERT
  • NCERT Books provide in-text questions and exercises based on each chapter to help students assess how much they have learned from their reading. Students must practice solving these questions as they are often a part of the Board Exam’s question paper. Practising these questions will also help students revise what they read about in the chapter. In case you find any difficulty in answering these questions, NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English can help you out. This can also help understand how to write accurate, appropriately descriptive, and presentable answers in the exams that can fetch you the maximum marks possible.
  • Attempt Sample Papers

Solving sample papers and question papers from previous years for Class 12 English should be a compulsory habit towards the end of your preparation before the main exams. This habit will not only be an efficient way to practice and revise your syllabus but also help let you observe your weak points so that you can put more focus and practice into such topics from the syllabus.

  • Solve Grammar Exercises
  • Grammar is an equally important part of the syllabus for Class 12 English. A lot of marks are lost due to grammatical errors made by students even if their answers are correct as a whole. Without a proper understanding of the grammar concepts and rules, it cannot be possible to write meaningful and correct sentences in English. Hence, practising grammar is not only essential for the grammar section but the entire of your exam. 
  • Practice Writing

The writing section usually has questions worth 3-5 marks each. The syllabus for the writing section in Class 12 English includes notice writing, classified advertisements, formal & informal invitation cards or replies to an invitation, letter of application for a job, report writing, letter to the editor, and article writing. Students must practice all of these writing exercises since they can help provide accuracy and speed during the exam. With enough practice, the chances of making mistakes in the format of these topics will be reduced to the minimum.

  • Revise regularly

Regular revisions and practice are the keys to achieving well in any subject. Students need to make this a habit that they revise everything they study daily. Revision helps retain every piece of knowledge that you read about in all the chapters. This will make it easier for you to recall information while you are solving the question paper for Class 12 English Exams. Revising will also help you make sure that you have covered every topic that is a part of your syllabus.

As such, do not fret, and follow the above mentioned tips and tricks to conquer your class 12 English exam. All the best!

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