How to Make Money by Working from Home

The era of hyperconnectivity has provided us with simpler data transmission and direct communication. In order to do our jobs more efficiently and keep track of our everyday obligations, we have moved almost every segment of our lives from the physical to the digital world. We shop on ecommerce platforms, communicate via social networks, move our data to cloud, take advantage of online and mobile banking and even find our jobs online. According to a recent survey, 54% of the U.S. adults go online to search for jobs, while 45% of them have applied for a job online. Whether you are a stay-at home-parent or you simply cannot find the job in your field of expertise, there are numerous online jobs that might be a perfect fit for you. Here are some ways to make money by working from home.

1.     Website and App Testing


For the majority of companies, their website plays a fundamental role in attracting and retaining more customers. Precisely because of this, they are hiring testers whose goal is to determine if a website is user-friendly. If you are tech savvy, fluent in English and have some previous experience in QA, this job would be a piece cake for you. When it comes to equipment, all you need to have is a computer with a microphone, a fast internet connection and an upgraded browser. Once you are assigned a task, you need to click through the website and record your observations. However, you need to know that website testing is a type of a micro job, which means that it’s pretty low-paid. For each of these tests, you will be paid about $10. Even though it’s not always a reliable source of income, website testing is still a great way for you to bring in some extra cash.

2.     Become a Freelance Writer

If you enjoy creating writing, maybe you should turn your hobby into a job by starting a blog. Still, blogging career is not that simple. It includes a wide range of aspects, such as personal branding, creating and optimizing a website, conducting target demographics researches, applying SEO techniques, as well as creating relevant content and sharing it through a plethora of social networks. So, if you aren’t ready for such a highly responsible job, you should try your luck at freelance writing for media, corporate and nonprofit sites. There are numerous sites you could register with, such as Textbroker, FreelanceWriting, Freelancer and many more. Remember to pay attention to the way they pay freelance writers. For instance, while some of these websites will pay per word, the others pay per hour or even per project.

3.     Make Small (and Smart) Investments

Today, the number of people resorting to Forex trading, penny stocks and binary options is constantly rising. This is not surprising at all, given the fact that each of these markets has become open to individual investors with limited budgets, providing them with the opportunity to generate a massive return of investment. However, starting off in any of these markets requires being fully committed, doing a thorough research and, most importantly building a solid strategy. For example, if you are interested in trading currencies, you first need to assess the market, determine your goals, choose your broker carefully, pick a proper leverage ratio and, most importantly, automate your efforts by choosing a proper social trading platform. Only this way will you be able to detect potential risks and survive in such a highly volatile ecosystem.

4.     Do Online Tutoring

As its mere name says, online tutoring is the process of teaching in the virtual classroom. So, if you have a degree and yet cannot find job, this might be the opportunity you were waiting for. What you need to do is find the online tutoring company that looks for the tutors with your academic specialty and register with it. Next, to become a tutor, you also need to be able to tutor at least 5 hours a week. Still, when it comes to working hours, the majority of these companies is highly flexible and enables you to manage your activities on your own. Online tutors are usually paid an hourly rate and the prices range from $24 to $45 an hour. However, these practices vary from company to company and you need to check them before you sign up.


The rise of the internet opened Pandora’s box for everyone looking a job online. What makes this kind of making money lucrative is the countless job opportunities, from communication and business to healthcare and tutoring. So, all you need to do is conduct a detailed research, determine what your goals and expectations are and see what industry meets your needs the best.


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